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Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes
(2000) Live at the Greek

CD 1
01 - Celebration Day 03:43
02 - Custard Pie 05:19
03 - Sick Again 04:34
04 - What Is And What Should Never Be 05:27
05 - Woke Up This Morning 04:15
06 - Shape Of Things To Come 03:09
07 - Sloppy Drunk 06:06
08 - Ten Years Gone 06:31
09 - In My Time Of Dying 09:34
10 - Your Time Is Gonna Come 06:00

CD 2
01 - The Lemon Song 09:00
02 - Nobody's Fault But Mine 06:42
03 - Heartbreaker 05:50
04 - Hey Hey What Can I Do 03:31
05 - Mellow Down Easy 05:21
06 - Oh Well 04:11
07 - Shake Your Money Maker 04:25
08 - You Shook Me 08:26
09 - Out On The Tiles 03:40
10 - Whole Lotta Love 05:34

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Jeff Beck - Who Else

Jeff Beck - Who Else

Guitar Tab Book





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