quarta-feira, 25 de abril de 2012


Band in a Box 2012

  • B.a.n.d/-/i.n/-/a/-/B.o.x/-/2012

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    Ba.nd-i.n-a-B.ox and R.eal.Ba.nd 2011.5 for Windows are here, adding 20 new features to the 50 new features that B.a.n.d/-/i.n/-/a/-/B.o.x/-/ 2011 delivered! There’s a new floating Mixer Window for quickly setting volume, panning, reverb, tone & patches. Also, many Re.al.Tra.cks enhancements, including a “Same-but-different RealTracks” feature which ensures that multiple versions of the same Re.alTr.ack always play different riffs.

    Styles. These include:
    Jazz RealTracks: Dixieland full band with tuba/banjo and soloists, Jazz Funk (Jeff Lorber, Alex Al), Fusion Guitar soloing (Carlos Arellano), Bossa Organ and Piano (Mike LeDonne), and Solo Guitar Accompaniment (Oliver Gannon).
    Country RealTracks: Pedal Steel Soloing (CMA winner Paul Franklin), 6 new guitar soloing and accompaniment Re.al.Tra.cks recorded by Nashville guitar legend Brent Mason, Praise and Worship “Promise” band, Drivin’ 8ths full band, and Bluegrass Waltz.
    Rock-Pop Re.al.Tra.cks: Texas Blues soloing and rhythm with guitar masters Sol Philcox and Brent Mason, Rock Piano (CMA winner John Jarvis), Soul (full band), Pop 16ths medium (full band), and Pop Ballad 16ths (full band).

  • B.a.n.d/-/i.n/-/a/-/B.o.x/-/20122012

  • Torrent Full:
    B.a.n.d/-/i.n/-/a/-/B.o.x/-/2012 2012 & all Realtracks and Drums & Add-ons
    Applications Re.al.tra.cks 13-15
    Re.al.tra.cks 30-32,102-108
    B.a.n.d/-/i.n/-/a/-/B.o.x/-/2012 Realbooks 13000 tunes…