sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

LiveProfessor FREE

Para os que estejam iniciando agora com gravações no computador ou querendo plugar a guitarra e tocar usando efeitos,
programas "VST host" são usados prá carregar aqueles arquivos dll que só davam prá carregar através de um programa de gravação, permitindo tocar com os efeitos ao vivo. Nesta versão FREE dá prá carregar "apenas" 6 efeitos - o que é mais do que suficiente. Tenha em mente que os grupo usados são: compressão - distorção - modulação - delay - reverb.
A não ser que você seja daqueles que usam phaser com flanger com chorus com pitchshifter com wah-wah e harmonizer ao mesmo instante, com este programa dá prá fazer os timbres que precisar. Vai depender também do consumo de cpu que cada vst (arquivo dll) vai precisar para atuar. 
LiveProfessor FREE Oficially Released!
freeware VST host | 4.72 MB
ifoundasound has released v1.0 of LiveProfessor FREE, a freeware VST host developed for use in live performance situations.
ifoundasound has released version 1.0 of LiveProfessor and LiveProfessor Free. LiveProfessor is designed to be an effect rack of VST-plug-ins and was created specifically with live sound in mind.

Live oriented plugin host.

Supports virtually unlimited number of VST 3.x plugins and instruments.
Runs on XP Vista and Win 7.
Choice of audio hardware is totally up to the user.

Flexible audio routing

LiveProfessor has a very flexible routing system, you can route audio anyway you like.
There is summing on each plugin input, so you can have more then one source go to the same input.
Plugin outputs can be split to any number of destinations (including other plugins) and the physical outputs can have as many sources as you want.

Cue lists

The cue list helps you change LiveProfessor’s settings during a performance.
A cue list is made up of cues containing one or more Actions.
Examples of actions are recalling a snapshot, changing the audio patch, sending midi messages, changing tempo, etc. Typically you have one or more cues pr. Song and step thru the list during the show to recall the right settings for each song.

Midi Modifiers

Each plugin has a set of powerful Midi Modifiers. These are especially useful for keyboard players, with functions such as transpose, key-zone and filter.

Hardware controllers

LiveProfessor has an extensive system for using hardware controllers to control plugin parameters and program functions.
We have tried to make the system as flexible as possible, but at the same time making it quick and easy to use.
In addition each control can be tweaked to respond just the way you like.

Midi clock and MIDI show control

The cue lists can be controlled usingMIDI show control enabling you to control LiveProfessor from an external device. For example you could trigger the cue list from the snapshot list of a digital mixer or a show control systems such as Qlab.


The window layout can be saved and recalled either manually, in a cue or as part of a snapshot.
The free version of LiveProfessor is limited to 6 VST plugins per project, 2 inputs, 2 outputs, and 1 hardware controller. The full version is priced at $84 and doesn’t have these limitations. You can compare the two versions here.
LiveProfessor FREE is availble for free download via ifoundasound (4,72MB download size, Windows standalone application)


MAGIX Music Maker Soundtrack Edition v19.0.3.46

    MAGIX Music Maker Soundtrack Edition v19.0.3.46
    TEAM CHAOS | 03.10.2012 | 9.6 MB
    Produce your own movie soundtrack!
    With MAGIX Music Maker Soundtrack Edition you can create your own movie music in no time at all.
    Drag & drop sounds and loops together, record virtual and real instruments, add professional effects and mix your projects in studio quality without any previous knowledge!

    • Over 1500 professional sounds & loops
    • Vita Instrument: String Ensemble
    • BeatBox 2: Industry-standard drum machine
    • Vintage Effects Suite: Classic effects for the perfect sound
    • Song Maker 2: Create new songs automatically
    • Search Function: Find loops, files and samples super fast
    • Share songs on Facebook & SoundCloud