segunda-feira, 15 de outubro de 2012

Midsummer Rock (1970)

Joanne Shaw Taylor - White Sugar / Rude Mood.

MAGIX Samplitude Pro X Suite DLV v12.1.1.129 READ NFO Inc.P – REPT

  • MAGIX Samplitude Pro X Suite DLV

    DLV v12.1.1.129 READ NFO Inc.P – REPT | 507 MB

    Samplitude Pro X is the perfect DAW for uncompromised audio productions – from arranging and recording, to editing and mixing, all the way to professional mastering and CD/DVD authoring.
    Work with a fully customizable interface and experience a DAW tailored to your needs. The precision audio engine with 64-bit support, outstanding mastering quality plugins, 5.1 Surround mixing and its ability to be seamless integrated into your studio make Samplitude Pro X the most powerful audio workstations.

    Top features
    • One-box Solution
    • 100% sound neutral hybrid audio engine
    • New docking concept
    • Spectral editing on track level
    • 5.1 Surround Mixing
    • Advanced object editing
    • essentialFX Suite, VariVerb Pro & Vintage Effects Suite
    • Virtual instruments
    • High-End Mastering Plug-ins
    • Independence Sampler Workstation
    • AAF/OMF support
    • 64-Bit support
    • Crash Audio Quantization -fixed
    • RF64 meta data was not written -fixed
    • Timestamps of 16-bit and 32-bit files were sometimes not read at loading of waves or moving of objects to original timestamp -fixed
    • Spectral Editing in tracks used a wrong preset -fixed
    • Visualization: Spectroscope with logarithmic drawing and check box in setup dialog
    • Improvements for visually impaired users: Setup_VisuallyImpaired.INZ: Manager windows enlarged and rearranged
    • Skin Camo/Carbon: Track Editor: Record Device could not be read for active track if this track was in record ready-fixed
    MAGIX Samplitude Pro X Suite DLV v12.1.1.129 READ NFO Inc.P – REPT—REPT.html