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Portable Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Pro v5.1.0


GUITAR RIG 5 PRO is the ultimate software solution for perfect custom tone with more amps, more effects and more creative potential than ever before, all in a powerful and intuitive virtual effects rack.

The latest version includes two essential new high-gain amps, six powerful new effects, and 19 new cabinets — exquisitely modeled in stunning sonic detail. And for complete custom control and a new level of realism, GUITAR RIG 5 PRO gives you the all-new Control Room Pro. Premium sound quality, maximum flexibility and total control for guitar, bass and more.


•New Demo Mode now works for individual components and without restart.
•Instantiation / Plugin loading time decreased significantly.
•Added Favorite Tab for quick access to favorite components from browser.
•Guitar Rig Setup Guide now included for all languages.
•New Mid/Side Split component for individual shaping of mid and side signal.
•Numerous other fixes and improvements.


Portable Acoustica Mixcraft 6.1.201 Multilanguage

Mixcraft 6 is a powerful music production and multi-track recording workstation that comes packed with thousands of music loops and dozens of audio effects and virtual instruments. Mixcraft enables you to record audio, arrange loops, remix tracks, compose with MIDI and virtual instruments, add effects, score and edit video, and mix and master your tracks to create polished, professional compositions. Mixcraft is your music production dream come true, instantly turning your computer into a fully-stocked professional recording studio.

Main Features

- Professional interface with high-contrast graphics.
- Custom loop library includes over 6000 royalty-free loops and sound effects in a huge variety of styles.
- Easily import your own loop files and loop CDs into the loop library.
- Loop Library features easy search tool to quickly find loops and sound effects.
- Works with Acid™ WAV and Apple Garage Band™ AIFF loops.
- Record multiple MIDI and audio tracks simultaneously.
- Piano roll to view and edit MIDI.
- Drum maps included for Mixcraft's drum instruments, plus many popular drum applications.
- Notation tools allow you to create, edit, and print your MIDI data in familiar music notation format.
- 11 powerful virtual instruments, including the Acoustica Instruments General MIDI sample library, Expanded Instruments sample library, Studio Drums sample collection, Lounge Lizard Session vintage electric piano, VB3 tonewheel organ, ComboV and ComboF classic transistor organ emulators, MiniMogueVA monophonic analog synthesizer, Messiah polyphonic analog synthesizer, Alien303 Bass Synthesizer, and Impulse polyphonic analog synthesizer.
- 25 high quality effects, including the Pultronic Tube EQ, which models the classic tube equalizer found in studios throughout the world, and theShred Amp Simulator, a complete suite of 5 classic amp heads, 17 cabinet models, and 6 powerful effects.
- Built-in guitar tuner available on every audio track.
- Save and load complete audio effect chains, with many excellent effect chain presets included.
- Create complex virtual instrument setups that layer and split multiple virtual synthesizers and effects. Set the key range, velocity sensitivity, transposition, pan and volume for each instrument.
- Add unlimited VSTi™ instruments, VST™ and DirectX™ effects.
- Route MIDI track data to audio effects (such as vocoder and pitch correction effects).
- Video Track allows loading and editing of video files. Easily cross−fade from one video clip to another. Remix the audio, add a soundtrack, and effortlessly render your video project to a new video file.
Powerful video features include still image importing, automatable effects and transitions, and moving text.
- Mix down to MP3, WAV, high-quality compressed OGG, and other audio file types.
- Option to record directly to high-quality compressed OGG files. This is ideal for collaborators exchanging projects over the internet, laptop users, schools, and anyone recording long speeches or conferences.
- Insert Time and Remove Time features moves all sounds, automation, and markers so you can add or remove an entire section from your song.
- Burn CDs of your mix with just one click.

Sound Engine

- Wave (WDM), ASIO™, WaveRT, and WaveRT Exclusive Mode low latency audio support.
- WaveRT Exclusive Mode (available with Windows 7 and up) provides ultra-low-latency, solid audio performance on most audio hardware without any special sound card drivers. With WaveRT Exclusive Mode, Mixcraft can interface directly with the audio hardware, bypassing the operating system for low-latency audio performance without any special drivers.
- MIDI input and output support. Will work with any USB MIDI keyboard or any instrument connected to a MIDI interface.
- MIDI control surface support for transport controls, effect controls, and instrument controls.
32 bit SSE2-optimized sound engine supports recording and playback of broadcast quality audio up to 192 kHz and 32 bits.
- Time stretch any sound from 25% to 400% with FlexAudio™ without affecting the pitch.
- Punch In/Punch Out recording.
- Loop recording with multiple takes.
- Pitch shift sounds from -24 to +12 semitones!.
- Use an unlimited number of tracks, instruments, and effects.
- Automatically detects beat locations, keys and tempos of imported songs.
- Import WAV, AIF, OGG, WMA, and MP3 files!
- Reduce the noise level or eliminate it entirely with built-in Noise Reduction available on every audio clip.
- Support for up to 16 processor cores takes full advantage of today's cutting-edge multi-processor computers.
- Shape each sound's volume, pan and resonant filters with unlimited envelope points.
- Support for DirectX™ & VST™ effects, including plug-in delay compensation.
- Support for VST instruments with multiple outputs.
- ReWire Hosting allows you to sync other music applications with Mixcraft.

Portable IK Multimedia AmpliTube 3 v3.9


There’s a new king in tone, and its name is AmpliTube 3. A massive upgrade of the leading guitar and bass tone gear modeling software, AmpliTube 3 raises the industry standard of sound variety, realism and creative power. If your recording or playing “rig” is lacking in that rich, lush expressive analog warmth, then you need to check it out. With over 160 precisely modeled pieces of vintage and modern gear available in one package, AmpliTube 3 is the ultimate tone gear collection for the player/producer/engineer suffering from tone angst.
AmpliTube 3 gives you more.

More Gear — Infinite Combinations.
AmpliTube 3 contains over 160 pieces of gear, more than double the amount of other packages, including models from the most sought-after vintage collections and modern day workhorses. You’ll get 51 individual stompboxes and effects, 31 amplifier preamp & power sections, 46 speaker cabinet models, 15 high end stage and studio mics, and 17 post amp rack effects. Plus, with the new AmpliTube 3 open architecture, you can add more packages as you need them, like AmpliTube Fender™ and Ampeg® SVX.

More Feel — True Dynamic Response.
AmpliTube 3 gear models give you THE most realistic playing feel — not just the tones — but the actual dynamic response of their hardware counterparts. Nothing comes closer to the feel and touch of playing through a real rig than AmpliTube 3. Plus, with IK’s proprietary VRM™ (Volumetric Response Modeling) technology, you can add ultra-accurate rotating speaker effects, free dual mic placement plus room ambience and response to custom craft your tone.

More Power — Creative Inspiration.
Face it — the better you sound, the better you play. AmpliTube 3 unleashes more creative power than ever, helping you to easily carve new, truly unique voicings for your guitar, bass, keyboard, drum and vocals. Our new creative effects let you create sounds you never heard before, and the new “drag & drop” effects configuration feature lets you quickly experiment with effects in the signal chain to get that totally unique sound.

More Tone — Every Sound you can Imagine.
AmpliTube 3 is the voice for your soul. With the largest collection of ultra-accurately modeled gear, creative effects and flexible routing features, you’ll never run out of sonic possibilities. Every sound you’ve heard, and ones you haven’t are here… your sound is in here.

More Features — Custom Shop: Your New Tone Shop Plug-in.
AmpliTube 3 now offers an entirely new shopping experience for software plug-ins that is like visiting a real guitar store, one that is open 24/7 with a complete offering of legendary brands for building your truly custom tone from the comfort of your studio. The Custom Shop gives you the ability to try and buy over 200 new models including officially certified branded products from Fender, Ampeg, Orange, Soldano, THD, Seymour Duncan, Jet City, Groove Tubes, T-Rex and more. New preset and patch browser, enhanced foot controller integration and native support for 64-bit applications and operating systems


Portable Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0.178


Sound Forge Audio Studio software is everything you need to edit and master professional-quality audio on your home computer. Record live instruments and vocals, edit and restore audio, apply studio-quality effects, and convert files with lightning speed. You can even create your own karaoke tracks with the Vocal Eraser tool. Best of all, Sound Forge Audio Studio software is easy to use. With a few basic commands such as cut, copy, and paste, you can produce high-fidelity audio on your PC.

Capture your performance

To record live audio, simply plug a microphone or instrument into your computer's sound card and click Record. Easily capture instruments, vocals, keyboards, and more. You can also import audio from your own CDs and MP3s or use the Vinyl Recording and Restoration tool to record audio from LPs and cassettes.

Powerful editing tools

Simply drag and drop to expertly balance sound levels, trim unwanted sections, and synchronize audio with video. You can also use Sound Forge Audio Studio software to create your own music loops and samples to use with ACID™ Music Studio software.

Create your own karaoke tracks

Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 software includes the Vocal Eraser plug-in. Easily remove vocals from most recordings or isolate vocals. You can also use this plug-in to extract vocals from songs for remixing. The Vocal Eraser plug-in contains presets for various recording and vocal types.
More about audio restoration and effects

Extensive video support

Sound Forge Audio Studio makes it easy to synchronize audio with video for video scoring. Import popular video formats including Windows® Media, QuickTime®, and more.

Customize audio with effects

Customize your audio with more than 30 built-in audio effects such as EQ, delay, chorus, and reverb, as well as the included 1,001 Sound Effects. DirectX® and VST support expands the number of effects you can apply and increases your mastering flexibility.

Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0 Features:

General Features
New! 24-bit/32-bit float, 192 kHz audio support
New! Microsoft® Windows 7 support
New! Global Media cache
New! Customizable window layouts
New! Floating window docks
New! Tabbed data window browsing
New! Custom selection gridlines
Show Me How interactive tutorials
Simple editing and navigation
Easy drag-and-drop functionality
Real-time nondestructive editing
Multitask background rendering
Media Explorer with automatic file previewing
Automatic left and right mono-to-stereo merge
Fully customizable toolbars
Mix, paste, and crossfade
Automatic file mixing and conversion
Unlimited Undo/Redo
Over 30 built-in effects & processes
System and user-defined function presets
Enhanced Preset Manager
Crash recovery
Mark-in, mark-out, drop markers in real time
Embed URL flips within audio and video stream
Mono and stereo sound files
Real-time play and record meters
Full support for 4 GB and larger files
Standard keyboard commands, mouse shortcuts, and toolbars
Compress sound files for 8-bit distribution
Sample Editing
Sustaining Loop, Release Loop Recording
Real-time record meters
Remote record function
New! Enhanced Vinyl Recording and Restoration Tool
New! Metadata Windows
Integrated disc-at-once (DAO) CD burning
JKL scrubbing
Gracenote® MusicID™ CD album identification
Track-at-once CD burning
Drag-and-drop CD extraction
Express FX™ Vinyl Restoration Tool
Statistics Tool
Simple Synthesis with sweep
DTMF/MF Synthesis
New! Resonant Filter plug-in
Vocal Eraser plug-in
DirectX audio plug-in support
VST audio effect support
ASIO driver support
Amplitude Modulation
Noise Gate
Pitch Bend
Regions and Playlists
Updated marker and region ruler with selection snapping
Regions List
Name markers, loops, and regions


Bit Depth Converter (to 8-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit)
DC Offset
10-band EQ
Fade In/Out
Graphic Fade
Multiple fade curve types
Insert Silence
Swap channels
Time Compress
Tools for ACID® Software
Create loops for use in ACID software
Loop-editing toolbar
Assign root notes, number of beats, and tempo
Timing Basis
New! Time Display window
Absolute Frames
Measures and Beats
Samples, Time, Seconds
SMPTE Drop/Non-Drop
Time and Frames
Audio and Video Support and Encoding
New! AAC support
Save files to popular multimedia and Internet file formats
Windows Media® 9 import and export, RealMedia® 9 export
QuickTime® 6 import
Adjustable video frame rate and frame size
Video frame display above waveform
Edit AVI files with multiple audio streams
Maintain perfect sync while working with full NTSC and PAL video
Audio and video synchronization with sub-frame accuracy
Various video and audio compression options
Support for 24 fps native DV video files
Video Preview window

Supported Formats

Export: AAC, AA3, AIFF, AU, AVI, DIG, FLAC, IVC, MP3, OGG, RealAudio®, PCA, RAW, RealVideo®, QuickTime, VOX, W64, WAV, WMA, WMV

Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 software is fully compatible with the Microsoft Windows 7 platform.

Share your creations

CD burning is fully integrated into Sound Forge Audio Studio software so you can easily create professional-sounding CDs. Burn one track at a time or choose disc-at-once (DAO) to burn a disc with full control over the pauses between tracks. Quickly convert audio files to MP3, WMA, and other formats. Develop podcasts, export audio to MP3 players including the PSP®, iPod® and iPhone®, or upload songs to the Web.

Portable ChordPulse 2.2

ChordPulse is a backing band and a musical sketch pad to practice, improvise and compose like never before. ChordPulse is a handy virtual backing band for music practice, inspiration, improvisation, and pure fun with music. Play and sing along with ChordPulse. Use it as a full accompaniment, a drum machine with bass, a metronome with chords, and more.

Enjoy your practice
Improve as an instrument player or singer while having fun.
Choose a simple chord progression, click a music style, and just start playing. ChordPulse motivates anybody to practice more.

Be inspired
Experiment with musical ideas quickly and easily. Click to turn a pop song to reggae, a rock ballad to swing, change chords, tempo, and song key in no time.

Test your fantasy by playing along with different music styles and chord progressions. Use ChordPulse as a configurable background.

Relax & have fun
Play or sing along for your own enjoyment. Relax with a delicate ballad, recharge with some blues, or raise your pulse with rock & roll.

Top benefits

- Enjoy your music practice.
- Be inspired as a songwriter: experiment with styles and chord progressions.
- Use ChordPulse for improvisations. Relax and recharge.
- Test & improve your playing techniques as an instrument player.
- Test & improve your accuracy and intonation as a singer.
- Test & improve your timing in general.
- Test & improve your versatility with various music styles.
- Try different styles, tempos and keys instantly.
- Create a fun band with friends and use ChordPulse as the base.
- Motivate children to practice more.
- Receive new music styles for free!
- Get all future updates & upgrades for free!

Version 2:

- arrangement points (song breaks/endings + simple arrangement options)
- Repeat All/Page/Off modes and an independent custom loop region
- fade out
- detailed session mixer
- define a custom mix for each music style
- accompaniment dialog with auto cymbal options
- master tune sensor in main window
- cut/copy/paste controls in page selector
- 8 new music styles
- 45 new sample sessions (including 15 technical)
- hot key changes: Repeat mode ®, Activate loop (L), Clear loop ©, Reference tones (T), Mute (U)
- 'Lock volume levels' when changing styles is now default
- minor cosmetic changes


Portable P*G*_Mu_sic*Ba_nd*i*n*a_B*o*x* 2012

Portable P*G*_Mu_sic*Ba_nd*i*n*a_B*o*x* 2012

Bandin - this is probably the best program for music creation. During long-term development program has acquired a very large functional and more popular among the fans to make music very quickly. So what can a program? Suppose you picked up the chords to your melody or vocal line. You need to enter chords in the program, choose your style - and your song is ready! In fact, it's very simple.

Band-in-a-Box contains a huge number of styles (over 2000), understands all the existing accords, allows flexible control over arrangement, you can delete and insert new musical instruments, write the melody and vocal arrangement in the export format MIDI, then to open it and edit in a professional editor, such as Cubase 6. Also in the scope of the program includes the so-called RealTracks, which allow to achieve the realistic sound of drums, guitars and other instruments.

The structure of Band-in-a-Box also includes a sequencer RealBand, which is a fairly simple virtual studio. In general, we recommend this package for novice musicians, who for some reason did not want or can not create their own arrangements.

We’re excited to offer Bandin 2012 for Windows with over 50 great new features and enhancements. There’s VST Synth support for each track allowing for multiple synths playing in your songs and the option to use VST Audio Plug-ins (reverb, delay etc.) on each track. Customize over 150 of the Guitar based RealTracks using the new Guitar Amp Simulator (AmpliTube CS). We’ve included “Direct Input” (clean signal) Guitar RealTracks for these, so all of the added effects come from the Guitar Amp Simulator.

We’ve added “Loops” support, so you can add your own, or 3rd party loops to any Band-in-a-Box track. The “BB Remote” app for iPhone, iPad, Android has been updated with new features. There’s a Simpler RealTracks setting that makes the RealTracks play a less busy or embellished arrangement. You can add MIDITracks individually now, simply select your favorite MIDITrack from any style to any track of your current song. EZ selection of “DrumGrooves” has been added, which are different grooves within drum styles.

We’ve also added 101 NEW RealTracks (Sets 137-154), with amazing Jazz, Pop, and Country Styles. These include:

  • Jazz RealTracks: Dixieland full band with tuba/ banjo and soloists, Jazz Funk (Jeff Lorber, Alex Al), Fusion Guitar soloing (Carlos Arellano), Bossa Organ and Piano (Mike LeDonne), Solo Guitar Accompaniment (Oliver Gannon).
  • Country RealTracks: Pedal Steel Soloing (CMA winner Paul Franklin), 6 new guitar soloing and accompaniment RealTracks recorded by Nashville guitar legend Brent Mason, Praise And Worship “Promise” band, Drivin’ 8ths full band, Bluegrass Waltz
  • Pop/Rock RealTracks: Texas Blues soloing and rhythm with guitar masters Sol Philcox and Brent Mason, Rock Piano (CMA winner John Jarvis), Soul (full band), Pop 16ths medium (full band), Pop Ballad 16ths (full band).