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Black Sabbath

Isto é pura dinamite!
MOB RULES - 1981





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Sonic Foundry Noise Reduction

O Noise Reduction é uma ferramenta muito interessante. Ela é capaz de remover completamente o chiado de um disco de vinil, ou a flutuação de uma fita K7 .
Originalmente lançado para o Sound Forge, ele é um plugin DXi, podendo ser usado em qualquer programa que suporte essa extensão.


Plektron Powered VST v1 0

Plektron Powered VST v1 0 | 4.93MB

Powered is a power distortion for your guitar, very good for rock and heavy sounds. Simple and light, it is ideal for complex projects with many guitar's tracks. PoweRED has been developed with the same Guitar Amp's technology assuring an excellent audio processing.

Download Hotfile

Download Uploading

Micronissimo ChordPulse 1.509

Micronissimo ChordPulse 1.509 | 3.2 Mb


ChordPulse is a handy virtual backing band for music practice, inspiration, improvisation, and pure fun with music. Play and sing along with ChordPulse. Use it as a full accompaniment, a drum machine with bass, a metronome with chords, and more.

Enjoy your practice
Improve as an instrument player or singer while having fun. Choose a simple chord progression, click a music style, and just start playing. ChordPulse motivates anybody to practice more.

Be inspired
Experiment with musical ideas quickly and easily. Click to turn a pop song to reggae, a rock ballad to swing, change chords, tempo, and song key in no time.

Test your fantasy by playing along with different music styles and chord progressions. Use ChordPulse as a configurable background.

Relax & have fun
Play or sing along for your own enjoyment. Relax with a delicate ballad, recharge with some blues, or raise your pulse with rock & roll.

Download Hotfile

Download Uploading

Beatstation STANDALONE VST RTAS v1 0 2 x86

Beatstation STANDALONE VST RTAS v1 0 2 x86

Toontrack Beatstation STANDALONE VST RTAS v1 0 2 x86 | 21.59 MB

At its core, Beatstation marks the next step in Toontracks evolution of creating virtual instruments that are both simple and effective to use but also very powerful sound design & music production tools.

Offering drum, bass and lead instrument creation & arrangement with drag and drop simplicity, Beatstation is your "go to" instrument for quickly getting a full groove up and running in no time at all. As if thats not enough, weve also added full MIDI & REX file support. Couple those features with the flexibility of working in Beatstation as a stand alone instrument or an AU, RTAS or VST plugin inside your favorite DAW and Beatstation becomes a creative musical force to be reckoned with.

Download Hotfile

Download Uploading

Beatstation Core Content Library 800TH RELEASE

Library for Toontrack Beatstation Core

Interchangeable Links ( Uploading - Hotfile)

Download Hotfile
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6

Download Uploading
Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4 Part5 Part6

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Jimi Hendrix - Live At Woodstock (Deluxe Edition) (2010)

Artist: Jimi Hendrix

Title Of Album: Live At Woodstock
Year Of Release: 2010
Label: Sony
Genre: Rock
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: VBR
Total Time: 96:39
Total Size: 149.46 MB


CD 1
01. Introduction (2:21)
02. Message To Love (7:21)
03. Hear My Train A Comin’ (9:49)
04. Spanish Castle Magic (7:05)
05. Red House (5:24)
06. Lover Man (5:11)
07. Foxey Lady (5:06)
08. Jam Back At The House (7:45)
CD 2
01. Izabella (6:41)
02. Fire (3:42)
03. Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (13:40)
04. Star Spangled Banner (3:43)
05. Purple Haze (4:23)
06. Woodstock Improvisation (3:59)
07. Villanova Junction (4:28)
08. Hey Joe (5:52)


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Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie (wav)

Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie (wav)
Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie (wav)
Joe Satriani - Satch Boogie (wav) | 201MB

All 6 tracks for trainning data or creating remixes, 44.1 kHz ,16 bit

1. Barrel
2. Work + toms
3. Overhead (stereo file)
4. Solo Guitar
5. Bus
6. Rhythm guitar

Rar file: 78.7MB >>> unrar: 201MB mates

Links Download:

Lick Library - JAM with Deep Purple 2 DVD & CD Set

 Lick Library - JAM with Deep Purple 2 DVD & CD Set
Lick Library - JAM with Deep Purple 2 DVD & CD Set
English | VOB | 720x576 | 25 fps | MPEG2 7000 kbps | AC3 192 kbps
DVD1: 3.88 GB | DVD 2: 3.35 GB | CD Jam tracks: 390 MB

This superb 2 DVD set will teach you some of the best guitar riffs and classically infused rock soloing techniques of Deep Purple's legendary Ritchie Blackmore! Learn each song and jam along with the CD.

You will learn

•Woman From Tokyo
•Black Night
•Smoke On The Water
•Strange Kind Of Woman
•Highway Star

About the Author

Danny Gill is a former pupil of Joe Satriani, and co-author of the Musicians Institute Rock Lead Guitar series. His songs have appeared on numerous TV shows including 'The Osbournes' as well as motion picture soundtracks such as 'Insomnia' and 'Under Siege'.

 Lick Library - JAM with Deep Purple 2 DVD & CD Set

Download from Hotfile

Download from FileServe

Download from Uploading

Guitar Play-Along Vol 119 - AC/DC

Guitar Play-Along Vol 119 - AC/DC
Guitar Play-Along Vol 119 - AC/DC
Guitar Play-Along Vol 119 - AC/DC
Hal Leonard/Music Sales America | 2010 | ISBN-10: 1423489209 | 65 pages | PDF/MP3 | 120 MB

The Guitar Play-Along Series will help you play your favorite songs quickly and easily! Just follow the tab, listen to the CD to hear how the guitar should sound, and then play along using the separate backing tracks. The melody and lyrics are also included in the book in case you want to sing, or to simply help you follow along. The audio CD is playable on any CD player. For PC and Mac computer users, the CD is enhanced so you can adjust the recording to any tempo without changing pitch!


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Cockos - REAPER v3.73

Versão mais recente deste excelente programa.

Usando o seu computador atual e nenhum outro software, você pode importar qualquer amostra de áudio e MIDI, sintetizar, compor, organizar, editar, mixar arranjar e masterizar quaisquer outros projetos de áudio.
Se você adicionar uma interface de hardware de áudio de sua escolha (AD / DA: analogico-digital/digital-analogico) e um microfone, você tem um estúdio de gravação completo, apropriado para gravar tudo de um solista, de uma banda, um orquestra (mesmo que a orquestra seja apenas você).
Gravação não destrutiva multi-track, significa que você pode gravars camadas e tomada após tomada, corrigindo, editando, revisisar e fazer ajustes para o conteúdo do seu coração.
REAPER converte seu computador em todo o poder de qualquer estúdio top de linha para gravação. Menos, claro, uma sala cheia de conversores escandalosamente cara, microfones, amplificadores, e, assim, o talento.
Se você é uma pessoa interessada em algo top de linha no estúdio o REAPER vai te surpreender, esta parte é melhor você testar por si só. Então vamos apenas dizer que ao contrário de algumas outras DAWs, o REAPER irá suportar quase qualquer interface de áudio existente, mesmo interfaces fabricados por empresas cujo software não permite que você use qualquer interface de hardware. (Pro Fools por exemplo).

Size: 7 MB


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Sony - Sound Forge Pro v10.0a

O Sound Forge Pro 10 fornece aos editores e produtores de áudio o total controle, eficiente e viável, com todos os aspectos da edição e masterização de áudio. Em estúdio ou em casa, o Sound Forge Pro 10 é uma suíte de software com multifunções ideal para a gravação e masterização de áudio profissional, para a concepção e a restauração de áudio e a criação de CD compatível com Red Book. Entre os novos recursos do Sound Forge Pro 10 citamos nomeadamente a montagem precisa baseada em eventos, a gravação de CDs Disc-at-Once o tratamento de arquivos de instrumentos de música e uma conversão de áudio e o alongamento excepcional da duração do áudio.

Qualidade de áudio

O Sound Forge software parfaiteLe Pro 10 suporta arquivos de resolução completa 24-bits e 32 bits /64bits ponto flutuante, 192 bits/kHz para obter áudio cada vez mais fiel .

Edição de áudio com precisão

Edite os seus arquivos de áudio mono, estéreo e multicanal (até 32) até ao nível de amostra. Utilize os comandos básicos do Windows cortar, copiar, colar, misture os dados de áudio e aplique um fade.

Gravação de áudio potente

O Sound Forge software Pro 10 é equipado com um conjunto completo de ferramentas para gravação de áudio. Grave diretamente da sua placa de som ou utilize o temporizador de gravação para iniciar e parar uma sessão a uma hora e data específica. Também pode iniciar a gravação quando um certo patamar áudio for atingido com a ajuda do início de gravação consoante o patamar que foi escolhido. Pode gravar e editar arquivos de áudio multicanal tão facilmente como o faz com os arquivos estéreo.

Processamento dos efeitos

Applique mais de 40 tratamentos e efeitos de estúdio profissionais, tais como a normalização, equalização, delay, chorus, volume, dinâmica, noise gate, o ajusto do pitch, o flanger e o vibrato. O Sound Forge Pro 10 inclui o módulo externo de alongamento do comprimento e ajuste de altura do som ZPLANE Pro para obter uma masterização de áudio de excelente qualidade e o pack de efeitos Mastering Effects Bundle da 2 iZotope. Este potente pacote inclui seis módulos externos profissionais de áudio: Mastering EQ, Mastering Reverb, Compressor Multibanda, Mastering Limiter, Stereo Imager e Harmonic Exciter.

O áudio para o vídeo

O Sound Forge software Pro 10 suporta muitos formatos de vídeo como AVI, WMV, MPEG-1 e MPEG-2. Sincronize com precisão áudio e o vídeo frame por frame. O Sound Forge Pro 10 inclui modelos MPEG-2 que permitem a gravação de arquivos compatível HDV com uma resolução de 720p ou 1080i, e modelos AVI que utilizam o codec CineForm CFHD para os 720p e 1080i intermediários. Alguns modelos também estão incluídos para codificação WMV com uma resolução de 720p ou 1080p.

Requisitos para o Sound Forge Pro 10

Microsoft ® Windows ® XP (SP2 ou posterior) ou Windows Vista ® (SP2 ou posterior)
1 GHz
300 MB de espaço em disco para instalação do programa
512 MB de RAM
Placa de som compatível com Windows
DVD-ROM (para instalação)
Gravador de CD-R (para gravação de CD)
Microsoft DirectX ® 9.0c ou posterior
Microsoft. NET Framework 2,01

Size: 125 MB

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Edgar Winter's White Trash

Before Edgar Winter had his massive commercial success that began with the instrumental “Frankenstein”, he put together an amazing array of musical talent called White Trash. Blending gospel, soul, blues, funk, r&b and rock and roll, Winter’s hard-charging combo offered blazing guitar (Rick Derringer and the amazing but little-known Floyd Radford), a killer horn section and a majestic in-your-face sound that could raise the dead.

The first studio album was a classic and the reunion record enjoyable, but the live album Roadwork is one of the best concert discs ever made. Jerry LaCroix and Edgar Winter handle most of the vocals, and you’re unlikely to find two better throaty shouters . The song selection includes classic like “Tobacco Road” and “I Can’t Turn You Loose” in addition to material from Rick Derringer and the Winter brothers.

Review by Michael B. Smith

The live follow-up to 1971's Edgar Winter's White Trash finds the group running through a handful of the tunes from their debut album, as well as rocking things up a bit with "Still Alive and Well" (a track later recorded by Edgar's brother Johnny) and "Back in the U.S.A." One of the most immortal lines for any live rock album has to be "People keep askin' me -- where's your brother?" The introduction of guest artist Johnny Winter by his brother Edgar sets the stage for a rousing rendition of Rick Derringer's "Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo." The extended version of blues classic "Tobacco Road" is one of the finest moments on this album, which is itself a classic.

Edgar Winter's White Trash


1 Save the Planet
2 Jive, Jive, Jive
3 I Can't Turn You Loose
4 Still Alive and Well
5 Back in the U.S.A.
6 Rock & Roll, Hoochie Koo
7 Tobacco Road
8 Cool Fool
9 Do Yourself a Favour
10 Turn on Your Love Light

Get it HERE

A força de uma lenda?

Estava lendo na edição 45 da rollingstone sobre o album Exile on Main St. dos Rolling Stones e fiquei de queixo caido ao ler a "quadra" abaixo sobre a música "Tumbling Dice". Quem conhece meus gostos musicais sabe que essa não é uma banda a qual eu devote meu tempo - se bem que devo dizer que tem muitas músicas legais - nem tenho albuns deles - nem mesmo pescados na net.
Ao ler o abaixo destacado, fui dar uma ouvida com mais atenção na música e não consegui vislumbrar o por que da dificuldade de Watts e Richards.
Talvez alguém consiga ouvir onde está a dificuldade que eu não consegui ouvir.
A razão de eu escrever isto é que é muito brochante saber disso.
Um aluno meu dizia que a ignorância é uma benção - ou algo nesse sentido - e tenho que concordar com ele, no que se refere ao que foi contado.
Leia toda a história.

Download this mp3 from

"No entanto, uma das melhores faixas de Exile surgiu quando todos menos Richards faltaram. "Simplesmente aconteceu numa tarde na qual ninguém estava lá", conta. "Eu tive uma ideia e não havia uma alma por perto. Então Bobby Keys apareceu com o sax barítono, e Jimmy Miller também." Miller, um baterista experiente, sentou-se atrás da bateria de Watts - e a base de "Happy" saiu. "Já a tínhamos concluído antes de o resto do pessoal chegar." Mas nem tudo foi um acidente feliz. Outra faixa crucial, "Tumbling Dice", demorou para ser finalizada. "Tínhamos mais gravações dela do que de qualquer outra coisa", diz Johns. "Acho que pelo menos 30 rolos de 2 polegadas. Keith se sentou lá uma tarde, só tocando a repetição de uma passagem por umas seis horas. Várias e várias e várias vezes. Sentado na cadeira com as pernas para cima ou algo assim." Richards não se lembra disso, mas admite que parece plausível. "Se eu não acerto, tento até conseguir", diz. "Isso deve matar os outros de tédio, cara." Richards não era o único amaldiçoado pela música. "Charlie teve muita dificuldade em tocar a parte final", afirma Johns. "Sabe onde ela quebra antes do fim? Ele teve um bloqueio mental naquilo." Então, novamente, Miller foi para trás da bateria: a versão final tem Watts até o ponto no qual a seção rítmica cai, então Miller entra para a conclusão majestosa."

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Portable Guitar Pro 5.2 RSE

Guitar Pro 5.2 (+Portable) With Complete RSE Packs 2010

Guitar Pro 5.2 (+Portable) With Complete RSE Packs 2010 | 725 MB

Guitar Pro is a multitrack tablature editor for guitar, banjo and bass. Besides writing scores, Guitar Pro is a complete tool for young and accomplished guitarists alike to progress, compose, or simply accompany themselves.

Features of Guitar Pro:
A Powerfull, Simple and Intuitive Editor. Guitar Pro allows you to create whole scores for guitar, bass or other stringed instruments in a few minutes.
View and Listen to your Tablatures. Far more than a simple editor, Guitar Pro allows you to view and listen to a score under the best conditions.
A Complete Workshop for the Guitarist. Guitar Pro includes many tools for the guitarist such as the chord diagram generator, the guitar tuner, the metronome, the scale tool or the fretboard...
Import, Export and Share! Import and export MIDI and ASCII format, and enjoy the tens of thousands of tablatures available on the Internet in Guitar Pro format.
New features of Guitar Pro 5:
New RSE [Realistic Sound Engine] with real instrument sounds listen to some samples
New Graphical Interface (skinable)
4 Display Modes: Page, Parchment, Vertical Screen, Horizontal Screen
Fine Scrolling and Zoom from 30% to 200%
Score display fully redesigned (silimar to published songbooks)
Automatic vertical positionning and spacing of score symbols to avoid collisions and blank spaces
New Page Setup window
Advanced Standard Notation (effects, beams, stem direction...)
Manuscript Configuration for each Track (tablature only, standard notation only or both, diagrams...)
Multiple Selection used for editing and playing tools
Playing of a selected part with Multiple Selection (also works for looped play)
Move Tracks Up and Down
Voice Support (lead and bass)
Coda, Segno (simple and double), Fine 14 possible jumps
8va, 8vb, 15ma and 15mb
Triplet Feel affected to the bar (8th or 16th)
Improved Alternate Endings
Improved Grace Note and Dead Note
Possibility to add Effects on Tied Notes
Extended Bends and Tremolo Bar
Full Support of Artificial Harmonics
Wah wah
Heavy Accentuated Notes
Tunings associated to an Instrument
Diagrams displayed with the score and/or under title
Improved Speed Trainer
MusicXML Import/Export
PowerTab Import
TablEdit Import
PDF Export
Improved ASCII Import/Export
BMP Export of a complete page
Improved and Simplified WAVE Export (using Windows(r) Mixer)
Added Version 5.2 Portable + Complete RSE Packs. Enjoy !

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Steve Vai

Do site Lagrima Psicodélica

Steve Vai (6 de junho de 1960 em Carle Place, Estados Unidos,) é um guitarrista, compositor e produtor musical estadunidense, conhecido por ter recebido um prêmio Grammy (entre nove indicações). Conhecido por ser um guitarrista virtuoso, Steve Vai é considerado pelo público um dos melhores guitarristas do mundo. Em 18 setembro de 2009, recebeu do Musicians Institute (MI) o título de doutor em música. “Steve Vai não só inspirou inúmeros músicos de todo o mundo, como desempenhou um papel importante na evolução do rock moderno, ele também incorpora ideais do MI, do artista-educador, que combina a busca incessante de sua visão criativa com um senso de responsabilidade por tutoria a próxima geração.” Beth Marlis, Vice Presidente da MI.

senha/password: lagrimapsicodelica

1984 - Flex-Able: Download

1990 - Passion & Warfare: Download

1993 - Sex & Religion: Download

1995 - Alien Love Secrets: Download

1996 - Fire Garden: Download

1997 - G3 Live In Concert: Download

1998 - Flex-Able Leftovers: Download

1999 - The Ultra Zone: Download

2000 - The 7th Song: Download

2001 - Alive In An Ultra World: Download

2001 - The Elusive Light And Sound Vol.1: Download

2001 - FZ Original Recordings, Steve Vai Archives, Vol.2: Download

2001 - The Secret Jewel Box: Download

2003 - An Anthology: Download

2003 - Mystery Tracks Archives Vol. 3: Download

2003 - Archives Vol.4 Various Artists: Download

2004 - G3 - Live Rockin' In The Free World: Download

2004 - Live At The Astoria London: Download

2005 - G3 - Live in Tokyo: Download

2005 - Real Illusions Reflection:: Download

2007 - Sound Theories V. 1 & 2: Download

2010 - Where The Other Wild Things Are: Download

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Celemony - Melodyne Editor v1.2.0 [VST, VST3, RTAS]

Melodyne editor é o primeiro produto da Celemony a oferecer a tecnologia Direct Note Access, revolucionário. Isso torna possível o que tinha sido anteriormente considerado impossível: o acesso às notas individuais no material de áudio polifônico. Corrija notas erradas em uma gravação de piano, mudar as cordas de uma guitarra de acompanhamento após a gravação ter terminada, refazer um sample de um lick. Melodyne editor permite que você faça coisas das quais, até agora, só podiam sonhar.
Veja a descrição no vídeo com legendas em português:

37 MB

Versão para MAC no link abaixo:

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Ficou interessante.....

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Deep Purple

There are available the following albums of DEEP PURPLE (I believe 205 albums and 27,9GB of disk space, with many hours of music):

Deep Purple - 1968 - Inglewood
Deep Purple - 1968 - Shades of Deep Purple
Deep Purple - 1969 - & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Concert for Group and Orchestra
Deep Purple - 1969 - Crash Landing (Live in Amsterdam)
Deep Purple - 1969 - Deep Purple (or III or April)
Deep Purple - 1969 - In Perfect Harmony
Deep Purple - 1969 - Paradiso Amsterdam
Deep Purple - 1969 - The Royal Albert Hall, 24 September
Deep Purple - 1969-08-24 - Richie's Blues, Paradiso, Amsterdam
Deep Purple - 1970 - Danish Yodel
Deep Purple - 1970 - In Concert
Deep Purple - 1970 - In Rock
Deep Purple - 1970 - Live In Aachen '70
Deep Purple - 1970 - Live in Stockholm
Deep Purple - 1970 - Live Koln
Deep Purple - 1970 - Miss Molly at University (Heidelberg)
Deep Purple - 1971 - Berlin 21 May
Deep Purple - 1971 - Louder Than Lennon (Liverpool, UK)
Deep Purple - 1971 - Never Never Before
Deep Purple - 1971 - New, Live And Rare
Deep Purple - 1971 - Thunder Ball (Bristol, UK)
Deep Purple - 1972 - Black Night (London )
Deep Purple - 1972 - Black Night Over Europe
Deep Purple - 1972 - Deep Purple in Concert 1970-1972
Deep Purple - 1972 - Highway Star, Live in London
Deep Purple - 1972 - Live at the BBC (EP)
Deep Purple - 1972 - Live in Japan (Osaka 1972-08-15)
Deep Purple - 1972 - Live in Japan (Osaka 1972-08-16)
Deep Purple - 1972 - Live in Japan (Tokyo 1972-08-17)
Deep Purple - 1972 - Machine Head
Deep Purple - 1972 - Made in Japan
Deep Purple - 1972 - Platinum 1, Greatest Hits (1970-72)
Deep Purple - 1972 - Purple Passages
Deep Purple - 1972 - Scandinavian Nights
Deep Purple - 1972 - Smoke on the Water Live
Deep Purple - 1972 - Wolverhampton
Deep Purple - 1973 - Deepest (Vienna, Austria)
Deep Purple - 1973 - Destroyed the Arena
Deep Purple - 1973 - Final Truckin'
Deep Purple - 1973 - Mary Loose Gear In Fire
Deep Purple - 1973 - Who Do We Think We Are
Deep Purple - 1974 - Bremen
Deep Purple - 1974 - Burn
Deep Purple - 1974 - Burnt Purple (Live) (Bootleg)
Deep Purple - 1974 - California Earthquake (Bootleg)
Deep Purple - 1974 - California Jamming
Deep Purple - 1974 - Live in London
Deep Purple - 1974 - Perks and Tit
Deep Purple - 1974 - Soldier of Fortune
Deep Purple - 1974 - Stormbringer
Deep Purple - 1975 - 24 Carat Purple
Deep Purple - 1975 - Come Taste The Band
Deep Purple - 1975 - King Biscuit Flower Hour
Deep Purple - 1975 - Live In Europe
Deep Purple - 1975 - Live In Paris
Deep Purple - 1975 - Made in Europe
Deep Purple - 1975 - Platinum 2, Greatest Hits (1972-75)
Deep Purple - 1975 - This Time Around, Live in Tokio
Deep Purple - 1977 - Last Concert in Japan
Deep Purple - 1977 - Power House
Deep Purple - 1978 - Singles A's and B's (Sweden Ed)
Deep Purple - 1978 - When We Rock, We Rock, and When We Roll, We Roll
Deep Purple - 1980 - Deepest Purple, the Very Best of
Deep Purple - 1980 - The Deep Purple Singles
Deep Purple - 1984 - Perfect Strangers
Deep Purple - 1985 - Detroit
Deep Purple - 1985 - In the Absence of Pink (Knebworth '85)
Deep Purple - 1985 - Live in Paris
Deep Purple - 1985 - The Ricochet
Deep Purple - 1987 - Locked in a Paper Cage
Deep Purple - 1987 - The House of Blue Light
Deep Purple - 1988 - Nobody's Perfect
Deep Purple - 1990 - Platinum 3, Greatest Hits (1975-90)
Deep Purple - 1990 - Slaves and Masters
Deep Purple - 1991 - A Whiter Shade of Purple
Deep Purple - 1991 - Anthology
Deep Purple - 1991 - Knocking at Your Back Door
Deep Purple - 1991 - Purple Rainbows
Deep Purple - 1991 - Rarities (1967-1991)
Deep Purple - 1993 - Battle Cries
Deep Purple - 1993 - Flying in a Purple Dream (Yokohama, Japan)
Deep Purple - 1993 - In Your Trousers (Live) (Bootleg)
Deep Purple - 1993 - Progression
Deep Purple - 1993 - Singles A's & B's
Deep Purple - 1993 - The Battle Rages on
Deep Purple - 1993 - The Lost Milan Tapes, Live at Palatrussardi, Italy
Deep Purple - 1993-09-26 - Live at Palatrussardi (Bootleg)
Deep Purple - 1993-10-16 - Schleyer Halle, Stuttgart, Germany
Deep Purple - 1993-11-09 - NEC, Birmingham, England
Deep Purple - 1994 - BBC Stew
Deep Purple - 1994 - Best on Stage 1970-1985
Deep Purple - 1994 - Spirit of Freedom
Deep Purple - 1995 - Acoustic Live in Studio (South Africa)
Deep Purple - 1995 - Deep Purple in Rock (1970 Anniversary Ed)
Deep Purple - 1995 - Live at The Beeb
Deep Purple - 1995 - Live in Seoul
Deep Purple - 1995 - On the Wings of a Russian Foxbat, Live in California 1976
Deep Purple - 1995 - Sunrise Over Florida
Deep Purple - 1996 - Fireball (EMI 25th Anniversary Ed)
Deep Purple - 1996 - Fireball Into the Arena
Deep Purple - 1996 - Live at Montreux
Deep Purple - 1996 - Live at The Olympia
Deep Purple - 1996 - Live in Poznan, Poland
Deep Purple - 1996 - New York Beacon Theater
Deep Purple - 1996 - Nummirock Festival, Yauhajoki, Finland
Deep Purple - 1996 - Purpendicular
Deep Purple - 1996 - Purple Habour
Deep Purple - 1996 - Purple Rose of Hanau
Deep Purple - 1996 - Someone Came, Live at Ulm, Germany
Deep Purple - 1996 - When Harry Met Sally
Deep Purple - 1996 - Who Do They Think We Are, a Tribute to Deep Purple from Japan
Deep Purple - 1997 - Black Night, Deep Purple Tribute
Deep Purple - 1997 - House of Blues (Live)
Deep Purple - 1997 - Machine Head, 25th Anniversary (1972)
Deep Purple - 1997 - Outtakes and Sessions
Deep Purple - 1998 - 30, Very Best of
Deep Purple - 1998 - A Band on Tour, Karlsruhe, Germany
Deep Purple - 1998 - Abandon
Deep Purple - 1998 - Cagliari, Italy, First Time in Sardegna
Deep Purple - 1998 - Chasing Shadows, Vienna
Deep Purple - 1998 - Good Vibrations, Dusseldorf, Germany
Deep Purple - 1998 - Great in the Woods, Mansfield, USA
Deep Purple - 1998 - Made in Japan (1972 24k Gold Ed)
Deep Purple - 1998 - Purplexed
Deep Purple - 1998 - Tinley Park, USA
Deep Purple - 1998-10-15 - Live at Birmingham, UK
Deep Purple - 1999 - A French Kiss, Besancon, France
Deep Purple - 1999 - Emptiness Eagles & Snow
Deep Purple - 1999 - First Night in Sao Paolo, Brazil
Deep Purple - 1999 - Gelsenkirchen
Deep Purple - 1999 - In Concert with the London Symphony Orchestra
Deep Purple - 1999 - Live at the Palladium, Cologne, Germany
Deep Purple - 1999 - Machine Head Live (1972) (DVD)
Deep Purple - 1999 - Purple Guards, Dresden, Germany
Deep Purple - 1999 - The Friends And Relatives Album
Deep Purple - 1999 - Total Abandon Live, Australia
Deep Purple - 2000 - Days May Come And Days May Go, The 1975 California Rehearsals
Deep Purple - 2000 - Extended Versions
Deep Purple - 2000 - Fireball Deluxe Edition (1971)
Deep Purple - 2000 - Live in Minsk (Dvorets sporta), Belarus
Deep Purple - 2000 - Who Do We Think We Are (1973)
Deep Purple - 2001 - Copenhagen, Denmark
Deep Purple - 2001 - Live in Cleveland, USA
Deep Purple - 2001 - Live in Hartford
Deep Purple - 2001 - Masters of Rock (24 Carat Purple)
Deep Purple - 2001 - On the Road (1969-76)
Deep Purple - 2002 - Back to the Past, London
Deep Purple - 2002 - Chicago, USA
Deep Purple - 2002 - Cincinnati, USA
Deep Purple - 2002 - Grimsby, UK
Deep Purple - 2002 - Harrogate, UK
Deep Purple - 2002 - Listen, Learn, Read on
Deep Purple - 2002 - Live In Bristol, UK
Deep Purple - 2002 - Live in Denmark'72
Deep Purple - 2002 - London Flue Show
Deep Purple - 2002 - Manchester, UK
Deep Purple - 2002 - Pictures of Cardiff, UK
Deep Purple - 2002 - Purple Smoking Iron, London
Deep Purple - 2002 - Singles Collection (1968-1976)
Deep Purple - 2003 - Just Might Take Your Life
Deep Purple - 2003 - Purple and Other Colours
Deep Purple - 2003 - Roeselare, Belgium
Deep Purple - 2003 - The Universal Masters Collection
Deep Purple - 2004 - Live on the BBC (1972)
Deep Purple - 2004 - The Early Years
Deep Purple - 2004 - The Very Best of
Deep Purple - 2005 - Forever, the Very Best of
Deep Purple - 2005 - Rapture of the Deep
Deep Purple - 2005 - The Platinum Collection
Deep Purple - 2006 - Black Night, Live in Bombay
Deep Purple - 2006 - Live at Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany
Deep Purple - 2006 - Live in Nice
Deep Purple - 2006 - Rapture of the Deep, Tour Edition
Deep Purple - 2007 - & Friends - Cold in Times
Deep Purple - 2007 - Come Taste the Band (1975)
Deep Purple - 2007 - Hit Collection
Deep Purple - 2007 - Made in Europe
Deep Purple - 2007-03-25 - Strasbourg, France (Bootleg)
Deep Purple - 2007-11-10 - Teatro Palabam,Mantova, Italy (Bootleg)
Deep Purple - 2008 - Days May Come and Days May Go (Special Ed)
Deep Purple - 2008 - Greatest Hits (Steel Box Collection)
Deep Purple - 2009 - Introducing Deep Purple
Deep Purple - 2009 - Live at Long Beach 1976
Deep Purple - 2009 - State of Love and Trust
Deep Purple - 2009 - Stormbringer, 35th Anniversary Ed
Deep Purple - 2010 - Knocking at Your Back Door, the Best of Deep Purple in the 80's
Deep Purple - 2010 - Singles & EP Anthology (1968-1980)
Deep Purple - 2010-04-28 - Sydney Entertainment Centre, Australia
Deep Purple - Best Ballads
Deep Purple - Highway Stars
Deep Purple - Hush
Deep Purple - Shades Box Set (1968-1998)
Deep Purple - Strange Kind of Purple
Deep Purple - Yno

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segunda-feira, 1 de novembro de 2010

Steinberg MiCRO AiO 2010

Steinberg MiCRO AiO 2010
Steinberg MiCRO AiO 2010 -Runs on 100% Air | 333MB

Steinberg MiCRO AiO 2010 -Runs on 100% Air
Cuabse 5.1.2 MiCRO v3_r33p -superslim DAW with all functions intact
Wavelab MiCRO v2_r33p -superslim Editor with all functions intact
Steinberg Nuendo 4.3.0 MiCRO_r33p -surround DAW with all functions intact
VSt FX MEGAPACK 2010.08.xx v2_r33p -Latest plugins for the above apps
VST FX MEGAPACK 2010.08_r33p

Active Equalizer
AMT Amp Leveling
AMT Max Warm
AMT Multi-Max
Autotune Evo
Bass Amp Room
BlueVerb DRV-2080
British MCL-2269
British NEQ-1972
bx_digital V2 Mono
bx_digital V2
D1 1ch
D1 2ch
D82 Sonic Maximizer
Effectrix <-new
energyXT <-new
energyXT2 VST <-new
energyXT2 VSTi <-new
EQ 9063B AllTech <-new
E-TubeTape Warmer
FET Compressor
Finis 1ch
Finis 2ch
Finis 3 1ch
Finis 3 2ch
Focusing Equalizer
H82 Harmonic Maximizer
IXL Clip Statistics (BluE) 1ch
IXL Clip Statistics (BluE) 2ch
IXL Level Meter (BluE) 1ch
IXL Level Meter (BluE) 2ch
IXL Level Meter(H) (BluE) 1ch
IXL Level Meter(H) (BluE) 2ch
IXL Multimeter (BluE) 1ch
IXL Multimeter (BluE) 2ch
IXL Spectrum Analyzer (BluE) 1ch
IXL Spectrum Analyzer (BluE) 2ch
IXL Stereo Analyzer (BluE)
L82 Loudness Maximizer
Lexicon PSP42
LM Amplifier LM-662
Metal Amp Room
MPL1 Pro
Oxford Dynamics Native
Oxford EQ Native
Oxford Inflator Native
Oxford Limiter Native
Oxford Reverb Native
Oxford TransMod Native
Passive Equalizer
Program EQP-4
PulseTec EQs
Retro Film-Tone
Retro Music-Tone
RS127 Box
RS127 Rack
Sonalksis CQ1 Stereo <-new
Sonalksis DQ1 Stereo <-new
Sonalksis FreeG Stereo <-new
Sonalksis MaxLimit <-new
Sonalksis MultiLimit <-new
Sonalksis StereoTools <-new
Sonalksis SV-315Mk2 Mono Compressor <-new
Sonalksis SV-315Mk2 Stereo Compressor SC <-new
Sonalksis SV-315Mk2 Stereo Compressor <-new
Sonalksis SV-517Mk2 Mono EQ <-new
Sonalksis SV-517Mk2 Stereo EQ <-new
Sonalksis SV-719 Mono Gate SC <-new
Sonalksis SV-719 Stereo Gate SC <-new
Sonalksis SV-719 Stereo Gate <-new
Sonalksis TBK3 Mono <-new
Sonalksis TBK3 Stereo <-new
Sonalksis Ultimate-D <-new
SPL Vitalizer MK2-T
Spring Reverb
Studio Channel SC-226
TC Native Reverb VST-Master
The Glue <-New 1.0.18
Tremolator <-New
Trident A-Range
Tube Delay
Tube-Tech CL 1B
URS 1970 Compressor Limiter Native
URS 1970 Compressor Native
URS 1975 Compressor Limiter Native
URS 1975 Compressor Native
URS 1980 Compressor Limiter Native
URS 1980 Compressor Native
URS A Series EQ Native
URS A10 Series EQ Native
URS FullTec EQ Native
URS MotorCity EQ Native
URS N Series EQ Native
URS N12 Series EQ Native
URS N4 series EQ Native
URS Phat C Native
URS S Series EQ Native
URS Saturation Native
URS Strip Native
URS Strip Pro Native
URS Vintage Cinema EQ Native
Valley People Dyna-mite
Vintage Amp Room
V-MS-Limiter <-New
Vandal_VST <-New
Automaton <-New
Discord 2 <-New
DrDevice <-New
DubStation_15 <-New
Fluid <-New
Kombinat <-New
PulseModulator <-New
Ratshack Reverb <-New
Vapor <-New
Flux Epure <-New
Flux PureComp <-New
Flux PureDeComp <-New
Flux PureDeExpander <-New
Flux PureExpander <-New
Flux Solera <-New
GRM Tools Classics: <-New
GRM BandPass Stereo
GRM BandPass
GRM Comb Stereo
GRM Comb
GRM Contrast Stereo
GRM Contrast
GRM Delays Stereo
GRM Delays
GRM Doppler Stereo
GRM Doppler
GRM Equalize Stereo
GRM Equalize
GRM Freeze Stereo
GRM Freeze
GRM FreqShift Stereo
GRM FreqShift
GRM FreqWarp Stereo
GRM FreqWarp
GRM PitchAccum Stereo
GRM PitchAccum
GRM Reson Stereo
GRM Reson
GRM Shuffling Stereo
GRM Shuffling