terça-feira, 6 de maio de 2014

Plektron Guitar Amp 2 v2.2-R2R

Plektron Guitar Amp 2 v2.2-R2R

TEAM R2R 2014.05.06 | 66.29 MB
Guitar amp 2 offers wide set of amplifiers and effects. Using it is simple and intuitive due to its drag and drop system, you have just to drag a module in the rack to create your customize effect's chain. If it is the right sound, you can save your own set! Plug your guitar to the audio board and start Guitar Amp 2 in stand alone mode, or just record in your favourite VST host with the plug-in version.


9 Original Amplifiers with matched cabinet
Over 40 Effects modules
Over 200 presets and easy managing banks
Full midi learn functions
Simple to use
Standalone application or VST plug-in
High quality stereo processing
Drag and drop modular effects' rack
Internal automated controls
Synthetizer module, audio-to-midi controlled
Wave player, tuner and many other tools

What's new in Guitar Amp 2.2?

- Optimized preset manager
- Added presets bank
- Fast preset changing
- Added a new overdrive module for guitar and bass "WSU"
- Added Portamento in synth module
- Minor bug fixes
- New presets in banks

segunda-feira, 5 de maio de 2014

Schwa Oligarc Bundle VST v1.00.01 WiN-DA_2M

Schwa Oligarc Bundle VST v1.00.01 WiN-DA_2M

  • Schwa Oligarc Bundle VST v1.00.01 WiN

    Team-DA_2M | April, 2008 | 8 MB

    Oligarc is a collection of four world class virtual analog FX, tied together by a modulation nerve center that converts the input audio into control signals that can be routed to most of the effect knobs. Oligarc can be an LFO-driven filter, an envelope-controlled phaser, a gate-triggered saturation effect, or anything else you can think up, including mad combinations of linked modulation of multiple effects at once. In addition, the Oligarc package contains standalone versions of the Drive, Phaser, and Chorus effects, for more traditional usage — although there’s nothing traditional about these effects.

     Schwa Oligarc Bundle VST v1.00.01 WiN-DA_2M

Schwa Oligarc Filter VST v1.00.00 WiN-DA_2M

Schwa Oligarc Filter VST v1.00.00 WiN-DA_2M

  • Schwa Oligarc Filter VST v1.00.00 WiN

    Team-DA_2M | May, 2008 | 1.98 MB

    Oligarc Filter is a sophisticated emulation of a classic analog ladder filter complete with nonlinearity, instability, character, good looks, and danger.

    • Resonant Filter: lowpass (bludgeon) / wide bandpass (cleaver) / narrow
    • bandpass (scalpel).
    • Brickwall Limiter: Engages a soft-clipping limiter to protect your delicate
    • organic structures.
    • Fully MIDI-controllable.

     Schwa Oligarc Filter VST v1.00.00 WiN-DA_2M