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CAGED Cracked Guitar Lesson Instructional DVD

CAGED Cracked Guitar Lesson Instructional DVD
CAGED Cracked Guitar Lesson Instructional DVD + TAB Charts + Jam Tracks Brad Carlton
English | 720×480 | .VOB | TAB Charts | ISO | 4.57 GB

Most players have a general understanding of the CAGED system five moveable major chord forms (C, A, G, E and D) that can be played in any position, up and down the neck. Most guitar players are also familiar with EDCAG the five moveable minor forms that can likewise be played in any position, up and down the fretboard.

These CAGED and EDCAG guitar lessons give players a much broader perspective of the fretboard and provide a significantly wider selection of chord choices and positions for any given tune. These benefits alone are worth the price of admission for getting a grip on CAGED and EDCAG, but thats just the start.

TrueFires CAGED Cracked, by Brad Carlton, unlocks the improvisational firepower of CAGED for not just rhythm work but fills, solos and melodies as well. These video guitar lessons are the ultimate rut buster for advanced and intermediate players alike, CAGED Cracked quickly transforms every aspect of your playing from B&W to color.

Heres how CAGED Cracked is presented

Youll start off learning how to play ten moveable forms (all of which you probably already know in open position).

Once you have a handle on the forms, Carlton shows you how to easily and quickly learn how to play and identify roots and other strong tones.

Youll then learn to overlay intervals, arpeggios, pentatonics and other scale forms all of them also moveable to any key.

Youll also learn handy inversions of the chord forms to connect the dots between forms and add texture to the harmony.

Now the fun begins as you put your big bag of moveable chords, arpeggios and scale forms to work to comp and improvise solos over any changes, in virtually any fretboard position.

Pull out fills at will and instantly connect strong tones across even the most complicated changes to form seamless melodic lines and compositions.

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