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VOX JamVOX v2.01 (x86 / x64)

VOX JamVOX v2.01 (x86 / x64)

VOX JamVOX v2.01 (x86 / x64) | 102 MB
Plug-in support brings "real" VOX sound to your DAW. JamVOX can now be used as a plug-in effect, allowing your songs to use the uncompromisingly "real" VOX sound that only VOX can provide This is not mere modeling inspired by VOX amps; itfs a unique plug-in designed by top engineers intimately familiar with the VOX sound, and faithfully reproduces vintage amps such as the legendary AC30. Sophisticated analog device modeling technology is used to deliver an amazing 88 different models of famous guitar amps, cabinets, and effects in plug-in format. VST and AU plug-ins are provided, and the latest 64-bit DAWs are also natively supported.

Works with all audio interfaces. Now you can use JamVOX with any CoreAudio/ASIO compatible audio interface, not just with JamVOX's dedicated monitor. With no limitations on your system, you can perform using JamVOX with your favorite audio interface at any time and at any place.

ChordWizard Software Songtrix Gold 3.0t

ChordWizard Software Songtrix Gold 3.0t | 7.7 mb

Songtrix Gold 3.0 supports musicians in the same flexible and open-ended way that a word processor supports writers. Compose a chord sequence and apply styles to produce a professional musical arrangement in seconds. Or create your own masterpiece from scratch, using intuitive events like strums and drum rolls for rapid drafting and refinement of musical ideas. Explore new and original harmonic progressions for your music, with integrated tools that bring the power of music theory directly into the creative process. Compile and print staff notation effortlessly, then take your completed songs to the world by publishing them securely on the ChordWizard Network.
Automatic StylesWith styles, Songtrix can turn a simple chord sequence into professional arrangements for backing tracks, improvisation practice or rapid composition.

A diverse set of musical styles is supplied, and these can be mixed across tracks for literally millions of style combinations!

You can use substyles with Intro, Fill-In and Ending patterns to create rich and seamless performances of the finished work.

The process is flexible and transparent, so you can choose which parts of the song will use styles, and see the musical events that Songtrix generates.

You can progressively override and customize style events to get exactly the sound you are looking for.

Compose Yourself

Songtrix is also a blank canvas for developing your own musical themes. Use the rich palette of musical events to produce your original compositions or arrangements from scratch.

Audition and select chords from the menu, then design your own rhythms to play them with.

Tracks can split into repeating segments to automatically propagate your drum and rhythm patterns throughout the song.

Take full control of the creative process by adding and editing musical events within Songtrix, or with an attached Midi keyboard (or other instrument).

You can easily apply playing techniques - such as sustain, slide, pitch bend and vibrato - to achieve a stunningly realistic performance.

Staff Notation

Songtrix generates and displays staff notation automatically, continuously and accurately as you work. You can instantly switch between the different views of your song, even during playback.

This improves your sight-reading skills, and ensures that you can effectively communicate your work to others, regardless of your scoring ability.

Songtrix provides many options for compilation and placement of staff symbols, so your song contains the visual layout of the music as well as the precise performance.

Staff notation can be printed for complete musical scores or for individual parts separately. Other printed formats are also available, such as lyric sheets or lead sheets with lyrics and chords.

Music Theory

A great strength of Songtrix is the awareness of music theory built right into the workspace. You can mark out key centres, and call on a variety of harmony tools to interpret, inform and guide the creative process.

Songtrix can link tracks and automatically reharmonize them to accommodate the selection of a different chord or scale.

Not strong on music theory? No problem! Whatever your background, the How Music Works multimedia tutorials included with Songtrix are an invaluable reference.

Starting with the basics of sound, the tutorials progress to the advanced topics of songwriting and improvisation, providing sample sounds throughout to clearly demonstrate each point. Each topic can be printed, or the whole set of tutorials can be printed as a book.

Publish Securely

Take your completed musical works to the world by publishing them on the integrated ChordWizard Network website!

The ChordWizard Song (CWS) file is much more secure than Midi or other file formats. It features encryption, protection and an embedded link to your publisher profile, so others can contact you without your email address being exposed.

Publishing on the ChordWizard Network is a great way to make yourself known to this global community of musicians, and to meet other members for discussions and collaborations.

You can also download and enjoy the songs and styles that others have produced.

And So Much More...
Midi files can be imported into Songtrix, using a process that analyzes and identifies chords (which Midi does not provide). Songs can be exported to Midi files, to WAV files (for burning to CD) or to MP3 files.
Recording from a Midi keyboard in Songtrix is great fun and easy, even if you don't play the piano. Songtrix changes the chords for you, so can record great sounding rhythms without lifting your fingers from the keys!
Songtrix can efficently apply a wide range of adjustments to your song, to shift, stretch, quantize, humanize or transpose events.
Songtrix Gold adjusts to suit your playing level, and extends so you never outgrow it. Advanced level is very comprehensive, with 57 chord types and 36 scale types, which you can add to without limitation.
The whole package is superbly documented with a Help file that sits side-by-side with the workspace for easy reference, as you explore the world of musical creativity that is now open to you.

Changes in ChordWizard Software Songtrix Gold 3.0t:
- Add Hide Synonym Scales option to Notes To Scales and Chords To Scales tools for improved results
- Fix bug causing preview diagrams to be hidden with Options-Layout
- Ensure that new window appears directly on top of existing window when using Window-New or File-Open-Open In New Window
- Update Help file and add Help-Video Tours
- Fix fault C0000094@215118 which occurs when a style has all events on Qtn/6 boundaries.

Home Page - http://www.chordwizard.com/songtrix.asp

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Meio que utilidade publica :)

Meio que utilidade publica :)

Tenho um mp3 ching ling que de repente não conseguia usar mais. Qdo conectava ao pc o windows pedia para formatá-lo e não conseguia por estar no formato RAW. Depois de muito tempo, vi que outras pessoas tiveram o mesmo problema:

"Cara tenho um MP3 de 1 GB e estou com o mesmo problema, ta tudo como (raw) e sempre que tento formatar o windows aleta que não consegue, ja tentei o Disk Manager e nada, com o getdataback consegui abrir alguns arquivos que estavam nele, mas como e versão de teste não deu para seguir para as outras etapas. O windows fala que a capacidade dele e 0 bytes e os bytes usados são 0 bytes e mostra como tudo cheio (Azul), isso aconteceu comigo depois de pegar dois virus "Ravmone" e "microsoftpowerpoint.exe" eu formatava e ele voltava (pelo windows) formatei em FAT e NTFS, assim que formatava o espaço dele começava a diminuir simultaneamente ate ficar tudo como "RAW", o virus eu conseguir remover manualmente, mas meu MP3 so ta funcionando o rádio, ja tentei ate mesmo o assistente ou gerenciador de disco do Windows, o scandisk e desfragmentador não passam simplesmente ao mandar não acontece nada, ja tentei formatar pelo dos e criar partições pelo Windows mas sempre da alguma mensagem de erro. Consegui programas free mas eles não reconhecerem o formato "RAW", queria saber se alguém sabe de algum software que resolva meu problema (formatando ou criando outra partição) ou se eu perdi meu MP3 de vez. Eu so quero formatar o MP3, os dados que estavam neles não tem muita importância por tanto eu so quero voltar a poder usa-lo como antes. Meu MP3 e do tipo s1mp3, fabricado na China."

Após muita busca consegui esta solução:

Achei a solução!...

Estava com o mesmo problema...

Comprei um pen drive falso da kingston de 64gb por 40 Reais...

O preço tava mto barato...então pensei...ou eu fiz um ótimo negócio ou eu fiz um péssimo...

Na hora de abrir o pen drive...pedia pra formatar, mas não dava em nada...tentei formatar pelo DOS e nada...
ele tbm indicava 0 bytes e tava em RAW...
tentei varios programinhas, um programa q chama HDD Low Level Format Tool, mas tbm não deu nada...

Procurei em vários foruns e sites resolver este problema, passei varios dias indignado...quando estava quase desistindo do pen drive, e achado q eu tinha tomado um balão de 40 reais, tentei esse programa, o "HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool", foi a minha salvação...
Instalei o programa e coloquei pra formatar o pen drive em NTFS, mas não deu pra concluir pq deu error...então eu coloquei em FAT, e deu certo!...e realmente tem 64 gb...e paguei 40 reais...
ele funciona normalmente agora...
Fica a dica pra quem precisa...

o link do programa para download:
Bem, baixei o programa e realmente consegui formatar o mp3 em FAT marcando QUICK FORMAT.

Fica aí a dica se alguem precisar.

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Rick Wakeman

Rick Wakeman

Confesso que os trabalhos mais recentes de Rick Wakeman estão ainda desconhecidos por mim, com algumas poucas exceções e, embora não seja guitarrista, acho que vale a pena conferir seu trabalho principalmente os primeiros que marcaram bastante.


Lendário tecladista de rock progressivo inglês. Dispensa apresentações.

1971 - Piano Vibrations: Download

1973 - The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Download

1974 - Journey to the Center of the Earth: Download

1975 – Lisztomania: Download

1975 - Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table: Download

1976 - No Earthly Connection: Download

1977 - Criminal Record: Download

1977 - White Rock: Download

1979 – Rhapsodies: Download

1981 – 1984: Download

1986 - Country Airs: Download

1987 - The Family Album: Download

1987 - The Gospels: Download

1988 - A Suite of Gods: Download

1988 – Zodiaque: Download

1991 - Aspirant Sunset: Download

1991 - Black Knights at the Court of Ferdinand IV: Download

1991 - Phantom Power: Download

1991 - Silent Nights: Download

1991 - Time Machine: Download

1992 - Wakeman with Wakeman: Download

1994 - Live at Hammersmith: Download

1994 - Romance of the Victorian Age: Download

1994 - Sea Airs: Download

1995 - Almost Live in Europe: Download

1995 - Cirque Surreal: Download

1995 - Night Airs: Download

1995 - Soft Sword: Download

1995 - The New Gospels: Download

1995 - The Piano Album: Download

1995 - The Seven Wonders of the World: Download

1996 - Aspirant Sunshadows: Download

1996 - Can You Hear Me: Download

1996 - Fields of Green: Download

1996 - King Biscuit Flower Hour: Download

1996 – Tapestries: Download

1996 – Vignettes: Download

1996 - Visions of Paradise: Download

1998 – Themes: Download

1998 - Tribute to The Beatles: Download

1999 - Return to the Centre of the Earth:  Download

1999 - The Art in Music Trilogy: Download

1999 - The Masters: Download

1999 - The Natural World Trilogy: Download

1999 - White Rock II: Download

2000 - Stella Bianca: Download

2001 - The Piano Tour Live: Download

2002 - Classical Variations: Download

2002 – Hummingbird: Download

2002 - Songs of Middle Earth (Inspired by Lord of the Rings): Download

2002 - Two Sides of Yes Vol. I: Download

2002 - Two Sides of Yes Vol. II: Download

2002 - Yes. Piano Variations: Download

2003 - Out There: Download

2004 - Almost Classical: Download

2004 - Frost in Space: Download

2005 - At Lincoln Cathedral: Download

2006 – Retro: Download

2006 - The Wizard and the Forest of All Dreams: Download

2007 - Retro 2: Download

2010 - The Living Tree: Download

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Bohemian Rhapsody Queen cover funhouse tour 2009


Wes Montgomery - The Art of Wes Montgomery - Boss Guitar

The Art of Wes Montgomery - Boss Guitar 

Wes Montgomery - West Coast Blues [1965]


Rehearsal for the NDR Jazz Workshop NDR Studio 10, Hamburg, West Germany, April 30, 1965
Wes Montgomery - Guitar
Martial Solal - Piano
Michel Gaudry - Bass
Ronnie Stephenson - Drums
Hans Koller - Alto Sax
Johnny Griffin - Tenor Sax
Ronnie Scott - Tenor Sax
Ronnie Ross - Baritone