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Overloud TH2 v2.2.11-R2R

Overloud TH2 v2.2.11-R2R

Imagine you have a tool to express your talent with the best tone ever. Imagine people listening to your guitar tracks and saying "wow! how did you get that killer tone?!"
Imagine you have more than 160 models including Randall®, THD® and Brunetti® amplifiers. And that these, for the first time in software form, cannot be distinguished from the real ones. That's Overloud TH2.

Key Features

Randall®, Brunetti® and THD® authorized modeling, with models approved by original manufacturers
45 amplifier channels with 125 operating modes
4th generation analog emulation technology
3D, gapless positioning of microphones
Advanced cabinet emulations with ReSPiRe 2 technology
SLR technology allows morphing between two amplifiers
Advanced preset management
Easy to build or modify your own signal path
Revolutionary GUI, host or MIDI real-time control via Smart Controls

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Led Zeppelin Scores Full Collection (9 Studio Albums)

Led Zeppelin Scores Full Collection (9 Studio Albums)


Achilles Last Stand, All My Love, Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Black Country Woman, Black Dog, Black Mountain Side, Bonzo's Montreux, Boogie with Stu, Bring It On Home, Bron-Yr-Aur, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, Candy Store Rock, Carouselambra, Celebration Day, Communication Breakdown, Custard Pie, D'yer Mak'er, Dancing Days, Darlene, Dazed and Confused, Down by the Seaside, Fool in the Rain, For Your Life, Four Sticks, Friends, Gallows Pole, Going to California, Good Times Bad Times, Hats Off to (Roy) Harper, Heartbreaker, Hot Dog, Hots On for Nowhere, Houses of the Holy, I Can't Quit You Baby, I'm Gonna Crawl, Immigrant Song, In My Time of Dying, In the Evening, In the Light, Kashmir, Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman), Misty Mountain Hop, Moby Dick, Night Flight, No Quarter, Nobody's Fault but Mine, Out on the Tiles, Over the Hills and Far Away, Ozone Baby, Poor Tom, Ramble On, Rock and Roll, Royal Orleans, Sick Again, Since I've Been Loving You, South Bound Saurez, Stairway to Heaven, Tangerine, Tea for One, Ten Years Gone, Thank You, That's the Way, The Battle of Evermore, The Crunge, The Lemon Song, The Ocean, The Rain Song, The Rover, The Song Remains the Same, The Wanton Song, Trampled Under Foot, Walter's Walk, We're Gonna Groove, Wearing and Tearing, What Is and What Should Never Be, When the Levee Breaks, Whole Lotta Love, You Shook Me, Your Time Is Gonna Come.

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Alguns plugins gratuitos para guitarra

Fretted Synth

Fretted Synth Audio
The plug-ins on this page are created by Joseph DeHelian of Fretted Synth Audio.
Since the Fretted Synth website is currently not available you can download the plug-ins from rekkerd.org, including the FreeAmp series of multi guitar amp effects, phase distortion synth PhazOsc, VA synth and SoundFont & sample player Safron, drum instrument SoftDrum, and many more.
The Fretted Synth instruments and effects are available to download as freeware VST plug-ins for Windows PC.
Note: these plug-ins require the use of a VST host program. If you need a free one, check Cantabile Lite, VST Host, or here for more options.
3rd BassBass Amp Sim with multi effectsscreenshot
Auto MIDIDesigned to take an audio signals velocity/loudness and turn it into a continuous controller value of 0-127screenshot
ChimpFirst guitar amp sim, designed for a synth but works well with guitar even if not designed for a guitarscreenshot
Drive 5Guitar amp sim with need of a speaker emulator, KVR developer challenge 1 entryscreenshot
Drive StompGuitar drive pedalscreenshot
Drum DirectionOld drum pad to MIDI plugin. Takes a piezo type drum pad and converts it to a MIDI note and velocity valuescreenshot
Echo 2005Kind of tape like delayscreenshot
FreeAmp 3 AmpVersion three of freeamp with no effects. NOTE all versions of freeamp are differentscreenshot
FreeAmp 3 FullFreeamp3 with effects pedals and rack. NOTE all versions of freeamp are differentscreenshot
FreeAmp 2.5Guitar amp simulator with effects. NOTE all versions of freeamp are differentscreenshot
FreeAmp SE 1.5The original freeamp from way back when. NOTE all versions of freeamp are differentscreenshot
GatePlusNoise gate with an envelope function, comes in many flavors including a side chain versionscreenshot
GCBS4 (Guitar Controlled Bass Synth)The update to mono guitar/audio triggered synth for bass tonesscreenshot
GuitSyn SEMono guitar/audio triggered synthscreenshot
Helian BassTwo bass amp simulatorsscreenshot
Helian CP75Simple guitar amp simscreenshot
Helian FS12Simple guitar amp simscreenshot
Helian FU22Simple guitar amp simscreenshot
JunctionSimple mono audio to MIDI pluginscreenshot
PDP PackUpdate to DrumDirection. Takes a piezo type drum pad and converts it to a MIDI note and velocity value. Also comes in versions with internal velocity split wave layers. KVR developer challenge 3 entryscreenshot
PhazoscPhase distortion synth, comes in mono guitar/audio triggered synth and six voice VSTi versionscreenshot
S2VA (Safron Pro)Mono guitar/audio triggered synth with two virtual analog oscillatorsscreenshot
SafFron 2LSame as S2VA with one oscillator that loads .sf2 (sound fonts). Comes with example files and .fxbscreenshot
SafFron 2WSame as S2VA with one oscillator that loads up to four velocity split .wav files (wave files). Comes with example files and .fxbscreenshot
SafFronSEAn update to the original SafFron MIDI triggered sound font synth with a beautiful UI by Vera Kinter (ArtVera)screenshot
SlowBeerNoise gate for guitar with an envelope function, comes in many flavors including a side chain versionscreenshot
SoftDrum SFDrum plugin designed to load .sf2 files. Comes with example files and .fxbscreenshot
SoftDrum LTDDrum plugin designed to load up to four velocity split .wav files (wave files)screenshot
StringSculptor2Older space sounding mono guitar/audio triggered synthscreenshot
TramplerTrigger wave files with an audio sourcescreenshot
TrippLeadOlder space sounding mono guitar/audio triggered synthscreenshot
VerbishFirst attempt at a reverbscreenshot
WAH_ml2Wah effect designed for the guitarscreenshot
Wah StompWah effect designed for the guitarscreenshot
WAHtWah effect designed for the guitarscreenshot

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Plug And Mix V.I.P.Bundle v3.0.3-R2R

If you buy our V.I.P. bundle then you truly are a “Very Intelligent Person”. Each plug-in in the V.I.P. series will cost only $59 individually, but if you purchase the “V.I.P Bundle” you will spend only $499 for the entire collection! (aproveite enquanto o preço está barato no pack ....rs)

You are going to love working with us at P&M because we are taking it easy on you and your wallet. Once you have purchased or upgraded to V.I.P. Bundle status, all subsequent plug-ins released for the V.I.P. series will be free of charge !

In 2012 we will expand the DontCrack V.I.P. bundle to over 40 plug-ins - and as you are a V.I.P. customer we won’t ask you for any more money.




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JoeSatriani - UnstoppableMomentum (2013)

Joe Satriani - Unstoppable Momentum (2013)
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1. Unstoppable Momentum
2. Can’t Go Back
3. Lies and Truths
4. Three Sheets to the Wind
5. I’ll Put a Stone on Your Cairn
6. ‘A Door into Summer’
7. Shine On American Dream
8. Jumpin’ In
9. Jumpin’ Out
10. The Weight of the World
11. A Celebration

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Plektron Guitar Amp 2 v2.1-R2R

Guitar amp 2 offers wide set of amplifiers and effects. Using it is simple and intuitive due to its drag and drop system, you have just to drag a module in the rack to create your customize effect's chain. If it is the right sound, you can save your own set! Plug your guitar to the audio board and start Guitar Amp 2 in stand alone mode, or just record in your favourite VST host with the plug-in version.

-Optimized preset manager.
-New preset panel.
-No-Mute when changing preset.
-Assignable input in setup panel (standalone).
-Fixed tuner crash in VST.
-Fixed 2pitch crash in VST.
-Windows resized to fit with every screen.
-Some fixes in the manual.
-Added a fun new module effects RadioSim.
-Minor bug fixes.


Aegan Music Amp Vision v1.0-R2R

Amp Vision is designed to be suitable for recording, performing, practice, and re-amping or re-imagining existing tracks.

28 amps.
10 Effect Pedals.
Cabinet Simulations are included and standard files can be loaded.
Customizable Library of presets and categories.
Many adjustable features.
The amp simulations in this plug-in cover a range of guitar tones. Many of these amps are inspired by classic guitar recordings and vintage amplifiers as well as modern amps. Presets are organized in an internal library that is part of the plug-in. You can customize unlimited presets and organize them in your own categories.
Effect pedals can be inserted before or after the amp circuits in any combination. Multiple distortion and overdrive effects are featured, as well as Compression, auto-wah, octave fuzz, delay, and equalizer. At the front of the signal chain is a noise gate to control any hum or noise.



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MAGIX Vandal v1.108 R2-R2R

Vandal is the only guitar and bass amplifier that combines the characteristic sound and feel of a real hardware setup with the advantages of a software application – all for you to enjoy on your computer!

Every step and component of the amplifier, from the tube to the speaker coils, is virtualized.

Physical modeling technology guarantees great sound without compromise, whether during studio recording sessions, band rehearsals, or live gigs!

The intuitive program interface is based on workflows that are optimized for guitar and bass players who are familiar with these kinds of work processes from working with hardware