sexta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2010

Portable Guitar Power 1.5.0

Guitar Power is a truly interactive learning system. Quickly and easily use scales, chords and arpeggios. Any style or level - learn the secrets of the pros and play like your guitar heroes.

Guitar Power will teach you: 3000+ chord voicings, 500+ scales, 550+ arpeggios, triads in any inversion, notes on the fretboard, how to name your own chords and which scales to use when soloing.

With so many guitar chords and guitar scales at your fingertips, you'll never need another guitar chord dictionary!

Guitar Power will teach you:

Over 3000 chord voicings
Over 500 scales
Over 550 arpeggios
Triads in any inversion
Notes on the fretboard
How to name your own chord voicings
Which Scales to use when soloing

Guitar Power includes the following features:

All chords fully fingered
Displays formulas and notes
Full fingerboard or single position display
Over 200 play-along backing tracks
Practice chord progressions
Suitable for all levels of guitarist - beginner to professional
Right or Left Handed
Soundcard or MIDI playback
Print Function


Portable Dsound GT Player v2.5

This guitar amp simulation and effects solution works both as a real-time stand-alone application, and VST/AU plug-in, allowing you to use your computer as a guitar multi-effect processor in Nuendo, Cubase, Live, GarageBand and many other VST/AudioUnit compatible host applications.

Get 13 stomp boxes: Chorus, Flanger, Autowah, Compressor, Noise Gate, EQ, Reverb, BPM Delay, Overdrive, Distortion, Auto Pan, Phaser and Tremolo. You can chain and combine them and save settings into presets. You can also share your presets with other GT Player users.


Portable Guitar Chord Buster Pro v4.4

Guitar Chord Buster Pro is a play learn guitar chord software in a computer with the world’s largest guitar chord Encyclopaedia over 302,300 guitar chords in standard tuning, it is a guitar represented in a computer. It has all the characteristics of a real guitar. The difference is that Guitar Chord Buster Pro also has a powerful set of tools around it that guitar books can’t provide.All possible chords also available in 43 non-standard tunings plus your own custom tunings. You can set-up and play any chord and pick sequence that may be played on a real guitar.

Guitar Chord Buster Pro allows you to share all your files with other guitarists over local networks and the Internet. You can use Guitar Chord Buster Pro to compose your own guitar accompaniments. Input chord and pick sequences for any song by simply pointing and clicking with the mouse. Its Scale Selector provides the right chords for your composition.

CHORD MATCHER -SCALE MODE. Select a scale, list harmonising chords and choose a melody fitting the scale and chord.

CHORD MATCHER MELODY MODE. Make music like a professional. Compose a melody first and then select a chord progression to harmonise with your tune

BEGINNERS - Learn chords and pick styles with the play-along exercises - see the strings being picked - hear the correct sound - slow down playback to suit your level. Use the Chord Filter to find the simplest
possible chords.

COMPOSERS - Export Chord Buster sequences in MIDI format for your notation software. Input a melody first and Chord Buster will suggest all harmonising chords.

- Chord Buster can find all the possible chords in any tuning. Use the Chord Filter to instantly explore all chords possible for your chosen strings and frets. Play your own custom chords - Chord Buster can tell you the chord name instantly.

NON-MUSICIANS - compose your own guitar accompaniments. Input chord and pick sequences for any song by simply pointing clicking with the mouse. Use the Scale Selector to provide the right chords for your composition.


Key Features:

-Choose from 302,314 chords in standard tuning
-Allow you to plus your own custom tunings
-Support adjusting the MIDI musical effects
-Support selecting a picking style
-Allow to select different guitar view
-Export Chord Buster sequences in MIDI format
-Provide a new tool - melody chord matcher
-Help you compose your own guitar accompaniments
-Has different modes to suit your level


Portable DarkWave Studio 2.6.2

VST Host, Virtual Studio, Mixer, Sequencer and Multitrack Recorder for Windows

DarkWave Studio is similar in nature to computer music software such as Cubase, Fruity Loops and Reason. These are great programs, but are expensive and difficult to learn. DarkWave Studio aims to be easy to learn, have an efficient workflow, operate with the highest performance on the latest hardware and maintain a small download size.

The program is designed for both the composition and recording of synthesized music and is also very suitable for live performance. If you have a little knowledge of music composition and sound design you will have no trouble composing great music with DarkWave Studio.

  • Virtual Studio - Wire Machines Together As If You Were Using Real Hardware
  • Pattern Editor - Quickly Create And Modify Musical Notes In A Piano Roll Interface
  • Sequence Editor - Arrange Patterns Into A Song
  • Multitrack Hard Disk Recorder - Record Multiple Tracks To Disk For Post Production
  • 32-bit Floating Point Internal Audio Path - High Quality Sound Processing
  • SSE and SSE2 Optimizations - Blazing Performance On Recent Processors
  • Assembly Language Optimizations - Blazing Performance Even On 32-bit Systems
  • Native 64-bit and 32-bit Platform Support - Blazing Performance On 64-bit Editions of Windows
  • VST PlugIn Support - Limitlessly Expandable With Virtual Instruments and Effects Machines
  • ASIO Audio Driver Support - Low Latency Output For Live Performance

Bundled PlugIns
  • MIDI Input - Play Instruments From A Music Keyboard
  • ES Mixer - 8 Track Stereo Mixer With 2 Auxilary Tracks, For Mixing And Production
  • ES DGenR8 - Synthesize Drum Beats With Roland TR-909 Flavour
  • ES BassHead - Top Notch Virtual Analog Subtractive Synthesizer
  • ES SpatialVerb - Realistic Reverb Effects With The Smoothest Sound
  • ES Stomp - Synthesize That Classic Techno Thumping Kick Drum
  • ES AntiAlias - Filter Digital Audio To Make It More Like Analog
  • ES QuadDelay - For Trippy Echo Effects


Portable NGWave 4.4

NGWave offers a fast, stable, and powerful audio editing solution, for far less than you might expect to pay. Many features offered in NGWave cannot be found in any other audio editor, even those costing ten times the price.We challenge you to find another editor in this price range that even comes close to NGWave in features and stability.


NGWave offers a full-range of advanced audio editing features:

  • Support for WAV and MP3 files
  • Full 24-Bit/192 kHz support
  • Support for extremely large files
  • Full MIDI Hardware Control
  • Pleasant and intuitive interface
  • Full Crash Recovery and Session Saving
  • Realtime Preview on all processing functions

Many exclusive recording features, such as:
  • Integrated Metronome
  • Built-In Audio Mixer
  • Exclusive: Integrated Frequency Tuner
  • Automatically correct DC Offset
  • Realistic Analog VU metering
  • Accurate LED VU and Time Display
  • Many Advanced Program Options
  • Saved Presets on All Processing Functions
  • Much, much more