sexta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2010

Portable Guitar Power 1.5.0

Guitar Power is a truly interactive learning system. Quickly and easily use scales, chords and arpeggios. Any style or level - learn the secrets of the pros and play like your guitar heroes.

Guitar Power will teach you: 3000+ chord voicings, 500+ scales, 550+ arpeggios, triads in any inversion, notes on the fretboard, how to name your own chords and which scales to use when soloing.

With so many guitar chords and guitar scales at your fingertips, you'll never need another guitar chord dictionary!

Guitar Power will teach you:

Over 3000 chord voicings
Over 500 scales
Over 550 arpeggios
Triads in any inversion
Notes on the fretboard
How to name your own chord voicings
Which Scales to use when soloing

Guitar Power includes the following features:

All chords fully fingered
Displays formulas and notes
Full fingerboard or single position display
Over 200 play-along backing tracks
Practice chord progressions
Suitable for all levels of guitarist - beginner to professional
Right or Left Handed
Soundcard or MIDI playback
Print Function


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