terça-feira, 26 de agosto de 2008

Steinberg Cubase Studio v 4.1.1 [PORTABLE]


When I say its portable I mean it… You just UnRAR “Cubase Studio portable” in your Steinberg file or anywhere else ; create an shortcut on your desktop and it works without effecting your already installed programs and VST Pluggins and primary doesn’t install this Dongle crap key ‘cause is already emulated.
In WIN XP you have to install included Media Format v 9.5 ( included ).

System : Win xp & Vista tested
In few words is the fastest Steiberg platform ever done for Music & Video Production
And the important is that uses more than 50% lower resourses than others ( Nuendo 3.2 ,cubase SX ).
I don’t include HalionOne that is at primary development but older Halion is better and we all have many GB of sounds for this that cant be handled by HalionOn

Cubase 4 Studio tem como base um dos melhores programas Multipista do mundo, concebido pra quem procura qualidade profissional , manejo intuitivo e ferramentas para áudio e MIDI destinadas a composição, gravação, edição e mixagem.


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