domingo, 7 de setembro de 2008

Deep Purple - Machine Head

Deep Purple | Machine Head | Band Score (Jap)

This rare Japanese band score folio contains a complete complement to the original vinyl release of Deep Purple's most successful recording "Machine Head". This album is thought to have had a big influence on the development of the heavy metal genre and topped the charts in several countries. This band score includes vocals (lyrics are in English), guitars tabs and notation (including solos), bass tabs and notation, keyboard notations and drum notations for the following songs :

* Highway Star
* Maybe I'm A Leo
* Pictures Of Home
* Never Before
* Smoke On The Water
* Lazy
* Space Truckin'

Para dizer a verdade não gosto muito dessas edições japonesas pois contém muitos erros.
Portanto tenham cuidado ao tocar as músicas.

scan | pdf | 112 pages | 6.67 mb


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