domingo, 28 de setembro de 2008

Sweet Guitar v1.04

Sweet Guitar is an innovating tablature software for guitar and bass. Its goal is to give a quick and intuitive way to write and play guitar scores.

Its main caracteristic is the ability to play scores with up to 10 simultaneous tracks, using real audio samples recorded by the author. The sound recreated is much more accurated and convincing than common software based on the MIDI interface could do it.

In the current version, 7 instruments are available : Folk guitar, classical guitar, clean electric guitar, distortion guitar, electric bass guitar, acoustic piano and percussions.

Sweet Guitar is different from other tablature softwares : you can get more sound quality with an easier interface.

It' as well usefull for rookies that wish to consult music scores and listen them many times, as for confirmed guitarists wanting to write quickly their music in tablature format.


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