quarta-feira, 1 de outubro de 2008

Notation Musician 2.2

Let you convert music MIDI files to dynamic sheet music more accurately.

Notation Musician converts music MIDI files to dynamic sheet music more accurately than any other music making software at any price - guaranteed!

Have more fun listening to music

Easily download any of hundreds of thousands of MIDI files on the Internet.
Watch the notes on the screen as they play.
Slow down the tempo for clearer listening.
Selectively change instrument volumes to focus your listening.
Improve your music listening skills.
Enhance your enjoyment of music with an exciting new visual dimension: dynamic music notation.
Save money on sheet music

Easily find and download from hundreds of thousands of MIDI files on the Internet.
Automatically convert those MIDI files to high quality sheet music.
For voice, easily merge lyrics and the melody, or add and edit lyrics.
For piano, split a MIDI keyboard track into right- and left-hand staves. With a single command, prepare a piano reduction of a instrumental or choir score.
For guitar, autoharp, and piano, rearrange the score into a fake book with chord names. Musician analyzes the harmony and displays chord names, such as C7 and Gm9.
For a wind or brass instrument, transpose according to the key of the instrument.
View and print the conductors score in concert pitch or transposed instrument pitches.

Practice singing or playing your instruments

Play along with your acoustic instrument or sing along as you read your notes on the screen.
Let Musician play accompaniment.
Adjust the tempo as you improve.
Let Musician automatically turn pages for you.
Set up practice loops for any range of measures, for any number of repeats, with optionally increasing tempo.

Learn to read music notation

Learn by seeing the notes as they play.
Slow down the tempo to easily see and hear what notes are being played.
Your eyes will associate the notation you see with the notes that you hear.
Musicians excellent Users Guide explains more advanced music symbols.


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