quinta-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2009

Guitarist's Guide To Computer Music


Product Description
Remember when home recording for a guitarist consisted of a four-track cassette PortaStudio—maybe combined with a microphone, a nice drum machine, and a digital effects box? Sure, those are decent recording tools, but wouldn’t it be nice to have equipment that gives you limitless track counts, racks of effects, awesome built-in drums, and virtual bass guitar thrown in with unlimited synth, sampled sounds and textures, mixing, processing, and mastering, with the ability to easily mix the finished product to a CD? Think that’s out of your league? Think again! "Guitarist’s Guide to Computer Music" shows you how to turn your computer into a recording, editing, producing, sound-wrangling, effect-processing, mixing studio that really rocks. You won’t believe the results!


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