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Um Programa ótimo para gerar escalas e modos.

About ScaleTool
ScaleTool is a free music tool for Microsoft Windows-based computers - calculate and visualize scales and chords on fretboards (Guitar, Bass, ...) and keyboards (Piano, ...). Features:

* Fretboard (Guitar) and Keyboard (Piano) display
* Fretboard: Support for 3-7 string instruments
* Fretboard: Left-hand support
* Fretboard: Change tunings
* Keyboard: Show Options in same octave or one octave lower/higher
* General: Large amount of scales already included
* General: Additional: customizable list of scales
* General: Chord name/position calculator


* Automatic Installer for Microsoft Windows-based computers (Uninstaller included!)
* Version 1.3 alpha 1 (Release date: January 27th, 2004)
* Download: ScaleTool1v3a1.exe (109KB)

To register your copy of ScaleTool, please enter the following registration details:

* Registration Name: Free Registration
* Registration Email:
* Registration Code: 4RQ1-0Y57

Be sure to copy and paste the information from this webpage to avoid common problems, i.e. there is a 0 (zero) before the Y in the code.
More Information/Contact
If you have any questions about the ScaleTool, please send an email to

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