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Sonitus:fx suite

Sonitus:fx are a series of professional audio processing tools for digital audio editing, sound design, games, multimedia, film or studio work. These plug-ins have been enhanced with DirectX automation, and can be use with SONAR, Home Studio, Project5 or any application supporting DirectX or VST.

You can now buy the entire suite as a download or on CD for only $299, or buy individual plug-ins as downloads.


Operating system: Windows 2000/XP
Processor speed: 800 MHz or higher
RAM: 128 MB or more

Common features

The Sonitus:fx plug-ins all share the following common features:

  • The plug-ins all share a clean and intuitive user interface, similar controls, keyboard shortcuts and toolbar functionality for Bypass, Undo/Redo, A/B comparison, parameter Reset, Preset management and Help file access.
  • DirectX plug-in parameter automation
  • The built-in Preset Manager lets you create and use presets in ALL host applications

Included Plug-ins

plug-in list:

  • fx:compressor
  • fx:delay (with tempo sync)
  • fx:equalizer (parametric)
  • fx:gate
  • fx:modulator
  • fx:multiband (compressor)
  • fx:phase
  • fx:reverb
  • fx:surround
  • fx:wahwah


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