sábado, 11 de abril de 2009

Steinberg WARP v1.002 VST (PC)

Steinberg WARP v1.002 VST (PC) | 1,29 MB

This GREAT amplifier/cabinet simulation from Steinberg will give you mellow jazz sounds and evil distortion many, many times!!! And it is so because of its low, very low CPU consumption. Give it a try!!!
Amp Modeling for your Virtual Studio. With Warp VST, Steinberg has made the warm sound of three well-known guitar amplifiers available for the VST 2.0 interface. The sound characteristics of three classic amps and three outstanding speaker cabinets are now authentically recreated in software, using Hughes&Kettner’s groundbreaking DSM technology - in real-time.

Warp VST offers the legendary Jazz Chorus Clean sound, the unrivalled dynamics of a 60s Plexi Tube Head and the modern HiGain chunk sound of the Rectifier era. These can be combined with three speaker cabinets, the Combo (12″ speaker, open housing), British (4×12″ cab with 80s speakers) and the Greenback (4×12″ cab, vintage sound). Every amp can be used with any cabinet

Warp VST - real-time, pure guitar sound on your PC.

Three virtual amps: Jazz Chorus, Plexi Tube Head, Warp Rectified
Three virtual speakers: Combo cabinet, 4×12″ British cabinet, 4×12″ Greenback Cabinet
Authentic dynamics
Perfect reproduction of all parameters that form the sound |
Full automation
Extremely low latency thanks to Steinberg’s ASIO technology (with appropriate hardware)

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