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Guitar Players Big Effects Package

Guitar Players Big Effects Package
Thanks to
I (he) put this together for all you guitarists out there wanting to play with new toys.
This is a rather large collection of various obscure VST's for you try out.
I have not loaded every one of these so make sure you scan them with your AV,Malwarebyte says these are clean.
I cannot tell you that every one of these will work since I am still testing them myself.
Enjoy and let me know if you find anything in here that you like.
Here is the list of this package and sorry for not uploading pics but there are just too many!!!!!

-cortex stack
-green prexpression
-6418 Emulator
-MXR EVH phase 90
-TuBE Screamer
-Saro AMp
-Simulanalog Guitar Suite -"Skinned!!"
-Soldano CM SLO-X88
-SoloC-Polin v1.12
-wagner sharp mkII
-Aradaz AMp sims
-virtuamp v1.2.1
-DIG v1.03
-dirthead v0.80
-Antress 'ModernMetalGear'
-Armor Tube Amp
-Bass Tube Thingy
-Digital Man Custom Combo
-Maestro PS-1a & 1b
-Simple Guitar Combo-II
-RedSkull Distortion

I think that is all but maybe I missed a couple in this package

112Mb (1 rar)

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