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Music Maker 15 Premium

More sounds, more effects, more possibilities

Thousands of current audio building blocks and effects from the studios of internationally successful producers are waiting to be combined and transformed however you want. Integrate your own recordings or parts of your favorite MP3s. In a short time, your own perfect songs will be ready - in CD quality. And the best part is, it's all so simple that you can get started right away

  • BeatBox2 plus: industry standard drum computer
  • 3,500 professional sounds
  • Make songs as a team
  • Advanced studio functions
  • and much more
Anyone can produce radio-quality songs. Try it out for yourself - have fun!

To make getting started as convenient and comfortable as possible, only the most important sections will be displayed, making the basic principles immediately clear for beginners. And thanks to the new Infobox, you can always learn something along the way. Additional video crash courses can be played directly in the program. The advantage: now everyone can make music completely without any prior knowledge - and learn more about the details as time goes by.

MAGIX Music Maker 15 Premium provides a massive package of sounds: rock, pop, dance, hip-hop, disco house, techno, chillout, and ambient, plus other special audio material like latin, film music, minimal electro, and much more! Over 3,500 professional sounds offer the ideal basis for your own audio experiments: different musical styles can be easily combined to create something new. The tempo adjusts itself automatically - you'll never be out of sync with the rhythm.


Get ready for ultra-realistic instruments which seem just like the real thing on your PC. The practical MIDI editor lets you easily write in your melody ideas. You'll also receive more exciting synthesizers like LiViD, your own personal virtual drummer.

NEW! BeatBox 2 plus

The new Plus version of the popular BeatBox has been developed even further - a flagship among drum computers. Besides the completely new sound engine, numerous options for sound shaping, and high-quality effects, the Plus version of BeatBox 2 offers additional drum kits, full automation of all parameters for exciting sound processes, and an integrated effects section! Tweak your beats however you want!

Effects, mixing, mastering

Use the integrated studio-quality effects to get the most out of your song. Thanks to numerous templates, you can quickly make professional production sound your own.

Use the mixer to specify instrument volume for the perfect harmony and produce the perfect mix. Thanks to the integrated Mastering Suite, you'll be able to create perfect sound like you know from store-bought CDs: brilliant, pumping, and crystal clear!

Record & remix

Of course, you can also mix your own recordings into your songs, too. You can also expand your sound archive with exactly the material that fits with your style by adding your own recordings. No matter whether you sing into the microphone, record instruments, import MP3s, or import songs from CDs, everything can easily be cut, remixed, edited, and enriched with effects!

True sound design

Do you like experimenting with sound? Revolta 2 is the perfect audio laboratory! The high-performance analog synthesizer makes anything possible, from core bass lines to lead sounds to complex sound patterns. Highlight your personal musical style with brand-new sound developments. The video crash course helps you get started right away without any prior knowledge.

NEW! Live on stage

Live Performer helps you produce exciting songs in a completely new way: Play any part of a song via computer or MIDI keyboard and combine them in new ways like a DJ - live and in real time! The new timecode sync even makes it possible to connect two PCs via MIDI and make songs together with friends as a team! External hardware synthesizers and other devices can also be synchronized; everything is on beat with the rhythm. Discover a new kind of producing style developed for clubs and stage performances.

More Info at: h**p://www.magix.com/uk/music-maker/premium/

Traduzido do idioma russo on line:

Magix Music Maker 15 Premium - é a melhor solução para a criação de música. Este pacote exclusivo inclui um teclado MIDI-e semi-profissional programa para criar música. É ideal para a criação de canções, música experimental e excitante som.

Nome: Magix Music Maker 15
Versão: Premium
Licença: Freeware
OC: Windows
Idioma: Inglês

Na versão Premium forneceu mais oportunidades, mais sons, efeitos e funções. O programa oferece-lhe prémio qualidade amostras, instrumentos virtuais, loops MIDI, complexa mistura console e efeitos exclusivos. Você pode criar suas próprias gravações para criar um único som usando loops tambor máquinas modernas e sintetizador. Além disso, você pode importar seu favorito MP3 gravações de CDs e faixas. Gravação e alterar a sua própria voz, use o profissional misturador de controlo de todos os efeitos sonoros e melhores resultados. Apesar do fato de que este programa é para os amantes, que pode satisfazer as mais altas exigências de músicos profissionais.

Magix Music Maker oferece-lhe a porta do estúdio gravações. Através de uma simples operação, a cada gravação processo criativo torna-se uma sessão. Um clique, ea gravação está ativado. Além disso, existem também funções para trabalhar com vídeo. Assim, é possível utilizá-lo como editor de vídeo. Você pode importar o vídeo, cole-o em sua música e editar todos os detalhes.

Gire seu computador em música inteligente center:
• importação
• Editar
• Fácil manuseamento
• Gravação directa a rádio e Internet confiável transferência para MP3 players, telefones celulares e computadores portáteis.

• Easy-to-use interface
• reconhecimento de harmonia
• 4-band EQ
• Remix Maker 2.0 e Remix Agent 2.0
• VariVerb
• Sincronizada filtro
• Vintage Effects Suite
• BitMachine.

Tamanho: 128 Mb
SO: XP / Vista
Interface: Inglês




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