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EnergyXT 2.5.1 VST Standalone (PC - LINUX - MAC)

EnergyXT 2.5.1 VST And Standalone (PC - LINUX - MAC) | 5 MB, PC | 5 MB, LINUX | 6 MB, MAC

Record, edit and mix your music with powerful, yet easy to use features. Designed from the ground up with songwriters and musicians in mind, creating music on your computer has never been easier, faster and more fun.


* Sequencer with multi-track audio recording
* Built-in synthesizer/sampler, drum-track and multi effect processor
* Pro editing features
* Works on all operating systems
* No loading time
* Runs from a memorystick

Whats new in version 2.5:

* Welcome screen with project templates
* New mixer view with collapsible EQ and Effect sections, graphical view of equalizer and handy "quick add" buttons for adding Insert and Send effects
* Sequencer with "quick add" button for creating new tracks with Audio, Drums or Instruments in one click
* MP3 import & export (requires lame executable)
* Audio processing: normalize, delete, trim, fade in/out, reverse
* Beatslice, autoslice audio & cross fade 2 audio clips
* Synthesizer/sampler adds new preset browser with 32 factory presets
* Drum sampler gets new easy view with drumspads, full implementation of EQ, Insert and Send effects for individual drums
* New audio effects: bit crusher, multi-mode filter, compressor and high quality guitar amp


@RapidShare.com: Download
@DepositFiles.com: Download


@RapidShare.com: Download
@DepositFiles.com: Download

@RapidShare.com: Download
@DepositFiles.com: Download

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