quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2009



- 4th generation analog emulation technology
- 3D, gapless positioning of microphones
- SLR technology allows morphing between two amplifiers
- Advanced cabinet emulations with ReSPiRe technology
- Realistic and easy-to-get rendition of the signal path
- Easy to build or modify your own signal path
- Revolutionary GUI, host or MIDI real-time control via Smart Controls

Very low CPU usage

Plugin or Standalone mode

The amplifier introduces 4 samples latency

Zero latency for all other modules

10 Amplifiers with 19 total Channels and 31 operating Modes

21 Cabinets

18 Microphones: choice of Dynamic, Ribbon and Condenser

Two microphones for each Cabinet

Studio Ambience reverb optionally added proportionally to the distance of the microphone from the speakers

65 stomp boxes, pedals and rack effects

Parameter-based BPM sync switch

Local and Global Tap buttons

Host or Internal Tempo Sync

(I (they) have included the needed exe file from overloud with the patch. first install the demo then apply the patch.)

Big thanks to Seek n Destroy


password: vstpirate.blogspot.com

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PRBobsin disse...

Gostei muito do seu blog.Ahei que os timbres do overloud th1 são muitos bons, límpidos e com boa dinâmica.Tentei usar o patch..para o vst. Não consegui.Será que é porque uso o windows seven?Podes me enviar,por favor, um tutorial para o meu e-mail prbobsin@hotmail.com?
Muio obrigado..aguardo com urgênciaa