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SONiVOX Yamaha Custom Drums

SONiVOX Yamaha Custom Drums

SONiVOX Yamaha Custom Drums 1.0 | Win | 164.8Mb

Recorded in-house at SONiVOX’s Studios and utilizing a top flight arsenal of killer mic’s and pre-amps, this Yamaha Custom Recording kit is a set of samples you won’t want to pass up.

Three snares (maple, steel & soprano) recorded with snares on and snares off give you plenty of coverage for handling a wide variety of styles. Fantastic playability utilizing six velocities for snares and toms, four velocities for kicks and up to four velocities for cymbals plus a slew of extra goodies like cymbal chokes, cowbell hits, multi-velocity snare rolls and more.

Even better, we recorded every piece of this kit with both sticks AND hot rods for maximum versatility. Stick kits give you the great rock feel that you’d expect from the Yamaha set that Steve Gadd made famous. Fashioned from bundled birch dowels, Hot Rods have a lively, natural rebound and a distinctive attack that adds a distinctive flavor to jazz, and world tracks. Put it all together and this 300Mb download

SONiVOX Yamaha Custom Drums

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