domingo, 28 de março de 2010

MAGIX Vandal Guitar Amp v1.101

Vandal is a unique virtual guitar and bass amplifier for PC and Mac that avoids working with simple impulse responses. Every individual step – each tube, every amplifier stage, even the speaker coils – is virtualized.Compare our sound to the others, and you'll hear a more nuanced and authentic result.
Vandal also offers detailed effects and stomp boxes (several overdrive and distortion effects, different compressor effects, EQ, chorus, phaser, wah-wah, delay, reverb, lo-fi and many more) and advanced microphone settings in an easy-to-use interface that lets you forget that you are using a software amplification.Vandal has a very low CPU consumption and can be hosted as a VST plug-in (Windows), or as a VST/AU plug-in.

Size: 13 MB
Format: VST



Vandal: Authentic. Powerful. Alive.
Vandal is the only guitar and bass amplifier of its kind that brings the characteristic sound and the playing feel of a real hardware setup together with the advantages of a software to your computer!

From the tubes to the speaker coils, every step and component of the amplifier is virtualized and, thanks to the Physical Modeling technology, creates unparalleled great sound – whether for a recording session in a studio, during band rehearsal or for a live performance!





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