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Mokafix FX


Sen'tor is modelled after a vintage overdrive pedal featuring a warm     

distortion chain and an advanced EQ. This EQ is a key element in this effect,

as it let you sculpt the sound and obtain a wide variety of tones. Each EQ

knob has an influence over a full set of parameters regarding filters

frequencies and relative volumes. What makes is so special is that each knob

may influence the same parameters differently. The "mid" EQ knob can produce

a scooped sound when turned fully down, giving you access to that classic

heavy sound. Versatility is the key word here, and you will find yourself

tweaking it and make it suitable for very different genres, from blues to

hard rock or jazz.

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A few effects managed to create a consensus among guitar players in terms

of quality and usability... but very few ever created as much division as

this famous fuzzy tone blending unit Rectifuzz is based on. Some love it,

some hate it, but you can't get indifferent to the insane distortion provided

by this big stomp effect. Rectifuzz won't put an end to this debate but

rather heat it up further more. Based on the circuitry of that famous pedal

with a blend knob, Rectifuzz will provide you with a heavy, wide tone to fuel

your metal amp or add some ringy grit to your funk riffs or lead solos.

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Muffin Rider is based on a famous transistor fuzz pedal featuring two gain

stages and a tone knob. After 40 years of success, this pedal is still

considered as a must when it comes to bold, loud sustain. The unique

architecture of this distortion let it autobias enough to get nice warm

sustaining notes, and boosts and clips the high and low ends through the two

gain stages in a way that provides that characteristic creamy tone.

From pink psychedlic to smashing grunge tones, this effect is a must in any

guitar player's arsenal.

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Lamp Driver is based on an analogue pedal featuring a tube to provide a  

warm smooth saturation. It actually features two gain stages, one opamp based

and one tube based. Main gain is actually provided by the opamp stage; the

signal is then hi passed before passing through a tube stage. The result is a

smooth and responsive tone enhancing your playing dynamics. Two EQ variations

are provided to respect teh orginal versions, and give you access to more

tone options.

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The Bat is an faithful emulation of one of the most famous guitar        

distortion pedals. The Bat will provide you with a wide range of distorted

sounds from Blues to Punk rock. Thanks to a unique gain stage design, the Bat

gain knob will let you add sustain by enhancing a specific frequency range

and push it into clipping. A diode clipper will then softclip the result once

more and extend the dynamic range. The tone knob acts like a classic low pass

filter, and let you change the low pass frequency.

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Fuzz effect is probably one of the most simple, raw effects possible. While

an overdrive aims at pushing the next element in the chain to saturation

(usually an amp), a fuzz will amplify and saturate internally. The output

signal has a regular level, but sounds highly distorted. So making something

new in the fuzz domain is not obvious and it is not everyday a plugin can

claim clipping your sound in a new way. Most software Fuzz will soft clip the

signal, and slightly shift it to give it some bias.

Kung Fuzz and Kung Fuzz 68 are modeled after the famous Fuzzface? analog

unit. The dynamic response of that device differs from simple clipping in the

way it biases at high input levels (see graph B). The output sound is more

nasal, emphasizing odd harmonics. You can compare it to the difference

between a minimoogish square and the most narrow pulse. Do not hesitate to

feed it with a monophonic sound (guitar, voice, simple waveform) to hear this

phenomenon clearly. Kung Fuzz 68 enhances the fuzz possibilities by letting

you set the amount of bias, and soften the clipping treshold to make it more

versatile and better fit other sound sources such as bass guitar or synths.

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Distortion pedals often kick overtones out of clipping limits. Playing

chords in a distortion can become frustrating. Based on a famous analogue

circuit carved by guitar players, EZ-driver delivers a warm distortion while

letting higher frequency pass through. EZ-Driver is based on a famous opamp

distortion that is reknown for its warm tone and the way it respects your

guitar natural timbre. The tonal quality of this effect makes it suitable for

blues rock or jazz. The Drive knob affects both the tone and distortion by

changing the first stage opamp feedback path. From slight crunch to more

pronounced distortion this distortion respect playing dynamics and gives you

access to a variety of warm tones to spice up your signal chain without

sacrifying your instrument specific qualities.

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 D-plus is based on a famous distortion used in huindreds of recordings. Its

classification can be subject to controversy since it is capable of smooth

overdive sounds and can be pushed to more extreme clipped distortion.

The secret of this effect lies in the distortion stage design, which makes

the Gain knob affect both tone and distortion amount. Thanks to this design,

the Gain knob (Distortion) let you access a wide variety of tones and makes

it one of the simplest and yet more versatile distortion effect.

The D-380 is based on another effect using the same.

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 Transistor based Fuzz pedals like the Fuzzface? hard clip and hard bias the

input signal. But why biasing hard in one direction when you could do it in

both direction one after the other using two transistors? This is probably

the question a japanese engineer asked himself when designing that rare fuzz

Companero VST was inspired by. This pedal will provide a very distorted sound

and react instantly to your playing. A gain parameter was added to get the

most out of the double transistor structure. Low gain will let you benefit

from the first auto-biasing.

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Bass guitar distortion requires specific features, and this VST based on a

famous vintage transistor fuzz pedal will give you a few controls to get a

good range of fuzz tones for your bass guitar or anything you want to feed

it with.

This effect has a preamp that is split into two paths. One goes to the

output stage to be mixed to the wet signal through the "bass volume" knob.

The second signal is sent through a complex distortion stage that will

drive, rectify and further drive the signal.

The "Sensitivity" knob let you change the gain of the signal sent into that

stage and access a variety of tones, from ring mod distortion to weird

extreme fuzz.

The EQ section let you change the filter color ("Brass" switch) and add

some unfiltered distortion to the filtered signal ("Harmonic" switch).

Finally the "Brass Volume" let you set the amount of distorted signal. This

very specific way to let you mix the distorted signal to the preamp dry

signal makes this pedal very suitable for bass guitar.

Although this effect was initially designed for bass, it's unique tone made

it quite popular among guitar player or even keyboardist, thanks to the

possibility to mix dry and wet signals.

Electronic musicians will also be surprised by the twisted sound this

vintage effect can provide if fed with obssessive basslines or lush pads.

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Baboon is based on a rare vintage fuzz pedal. Different things make this

effect pretty specia. The effect features two channels.

The Treble Booster channel actually bypasses the fuzz stages and tone

stack, and features its own gain knob.

The Fuzz channel engages the full circuitry and delivers a heavy fuzz tone,

thanks to its two transistor based fuzz stages.

Fuzz channel tone stack has two modes. In "A mode", the Tone knob acts as a

regular hi cut filter. In "B mode" the Tone stack scoops the mid frequencies

and the Tone Knob let you adjust the volume of the frequencies above 7kHz in

the mix. Mode B provides that bold scooped tone to fuel any guitar track.

The fact the pedal features a gain knob for each channel let you switch

between each channel without having to adjut the input gain.

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