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112dB Redline Reverb VST v1 0 2 ASSiGN

112dB Redline Reverb VST v1.02 | 10.29MB

Redline Reverb is a musical reverb based on a completely new and original
concept that excels in both warmth and transparency at extremely low CPU
usage. Its core algorithm is based on the Rev-6 and Space Master Reaktor
ensembles by Martijn Zwartjes. With its many sound enhancements, an intuitive
and attractive new user interface, and much optimized CPU usage, Redline
Reverb represents the next generation of these celebrated algorithms.
Redline Reverb is a fully algorithmic and true stereo reverb with
possibilities far beyond the conventional-just check out the 112 factory
presets for a comprehensive showcase of what it can do. Unlike conventional
algorithmic reverbs, Redline Reverb does not need separate plate, hall, and
room algorithms. Instead it features a comprehensive yet intuitive parameter
set that allows you to easily recreate any given reverb characteristic,
leaving you free to create lush smooth vocal reverbs, convincing room
simulations, almost infinite reverb tails, synth pad and delay effects, and
everything inbetween.
You will find that its separate early/late reverb sections and modulation
options make it an excellent choice for expensive hardware-style reverbs,
while its extensive tweakability renders it equally suited for more
experimental reverb and delay effects.

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