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Digidesign ProTools LE 8.0 PC

Digidesign  ProTools LE 8.0 PC

Digidesign ProTools LE 8.0 | 2.74GB

Professional Music Creation, Recording and Production for Your Personal Studio: Professional studios around the world rely on Pro Tools® recording systems to create award-winning albums and sound for film and TV. But that doesn’t mean Pro Tools is limited to big studios: Avid offers a wide range of powerful and affordable Pro Tools LE personal studio solutions that offer everything you need to achieve professional results in your personal studio.

Mbox 2 Family
Say hello to the most affordable Pro Tools LE systems from Avid: Meet the Mbox 2 family. Characterized by their totally portable designs, diverse yet flexible feature sets, and ultra-affordable prices, the Mbox 2, Mbox 2 Pro and Mbox 2 Mini each offer professional features to complement your recording and mixing needs in a studio that easily fits into your backpack. For Pro Tools professionals and musicians on the go, ultra-small Mbox 2 Micro allows Pro Tools editing, sequencing, and mixing anywhere you go.

And because the entire Mbox 2 family includes award-winning, industry-standard Pro Tools software, everything you create with an Mbox 2 family member can be used in professional, Pro Tools-equipped music and post-production studios around the world.

003 Family
Professional Pro Tools Music Creation and Production Workstations.
If you’re looking to attain the same high audio production quality as commercial facilities in your own personal or project studio, the Avid 003™ family enables you to do just that with truly professional results. With an extensive range of audio and MIDI I/O, high-definition audio resolution, industry-standard Pro Tools® software, FireWire connectivity, and an unprecedented bundle of powerful software, the 003 family provides everything you need to compose, perform, record, sequence, edit, mix, and master your creations.

Eleven Rack
Pro Tools Recording Systems Designed Specifically for Guitar Players
Eleven Rack is a revolutionary new guitar recording and effects processing system designed to eliminate the challenges guitarists have faced in the studio and on stage. Say goodbye to the lackluster guitar amp “models” of yesteryear: Eleven Rack utilizes a unique tone cloning design and one-of-a-kind, custom-designed True-Z input to re-create the experience of playing through a full guitar rig. By combining studio-standard Pro Tools® software with a DSP-accelerated high-resolution interface, Eleven Rack puts professional recording into the hands of every guitar player. Whether you’re tracking in the studio or playing on stage, Eleven Rack delivers fresh, mind-blowing, hyper-realistic guitar amp and effects tones that will inspire your best performances.

Eleven Rack in the Studio
Eleven Rack combines studio-standard Pro Tools software with a high-resolution, dual DSP-powered audio interface so you’ll never have to worry about latency when recording with its built-in amp/effects tones — nor will your computer have to carry the processing burden. Eleven Rack also takes re-amping to the next level by recording both dry and processed guitar signals simultaneously, allowing you to re-amplify later without patching a single cable. We even found a way to embed the Eleven Rack amp and effects settings into the audio tracks you record, enabling you to automatically recall those settings from your audio files on any Pro Tools system with Eleven Rack.

Eleven Rack On Stage
Eleven Rack also rocks onstage as a standalone amp tone and effects signal processor — we pulled out all the stops to make sure it sounds and feels just like playing through the real deal. We also included a classic collection of effects, from must-have stompboxes to world-class rackmount studio processors. Eleven Rack has all the I/O flexibility you need to integrate it into your existing rig, and easily incorporate the tones you’ve recorded with into your live setup — closing the gap between studio and stage. Eleven Rack also offers incredibly powerful control options using affordable MIDI controllers and expression pedals, giving you full foot control over everything from vintage wah effects to tempo-driven delays and more.

1. Unpack
2. Read crbs-pt8.nfo by Notepad
3. Install
4. Use Serial

Homepage: http://www.avid.com/US/products/family/Pro-Tools/Pro-Tools-LE

Digidesign ProTools LE 8.0 PC


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