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NOTION Music 3 v3.1.261.0

NOTION Music NOTION 3 v3.1.261.0

NOTION Music 3 v3.1.261.0 | 327 MB

Notion bridges the gap between notation and an audio application. So now, not only can you compose and hear your notated score played back instantly with real instrument samples, you can actually perform live or produce music that sounds amazing.

New Features in Notion3

Sleek, Intuitive Interface and Workflow: allowing you to use notation, guitar tab, or MIDI devices to craft music of any style, be it orchestral, jazz, or rock. The screen view is designed to remain uncluttered, and to provide easy access to the most frequently used tools. For musicians writing for guitar or bass, Notion3 features an interactive fretboard and chord library.

Over 10GB of Instrument Samples: exclusively featuring the sounds of The London Symphony Orchestra. The LSO sample library included in earlier versions of Notion has been expanded and enhanced with new close mic stereo samples that truly capture the essence of each instrument. Notion3 includes both the legacy and new sample libraries. In addition to the orchestral sounds, Notion3 features electric and acoustic guitar by Neil Zaza, electric bass by Victor Wooten, drums by Roy “FutureMan” Wooten — all recorded at world-famous studios.

Professional Audio Mixer: Notion3’s pro audio mixer is complete with buses, inserts, sends, multiple direct channel outs and VST effects. Resembling what you would see in a digital audio workstation, the Notion3 mixer, along with the dynamic markings in the score, provide detailed control of the mix and sound. You have the flexibility to control and mix your entire score or group the mixer into instrument sections to adjust volume, panning, reverb, and effects.

Unmatched Studio Compatibility: Built to be compatible, Notion3 offers full ReWire integration that supports both host and slave options. It also works effortlessly with VST effects and VSTi libraries with built-in presets to easily integrate with popular sample libraries such as: Vienna Symphonic Library Special Edition and Special Edition Plus, Miroslav Philharmonik, East West Quantum Leap Platinum, and Garritan Personal Orchestra (ARIA). Notion3 comes bundled with IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube X-Gear and CSR Hall Reverb.

SequencerStaff: a feature unique to Notion3 that brings the world of notation and sequencers together. This feature enables you to record MIDI input directly onto a standard notation staff while retaining all the MIDI data such as modulations, bends and dynamics. The MIDI data displayed on the staff includes duration, range in pitch, and dynamic information, which can be easily edited.

Live Performance with NTempo: Notion3’s suite of live performance features make it possible to “play” a notated score like a musical instrument for accompaniment, rehearsal, or professional live performances. It is the only notation product with real-time tempo control that includes vamps, repeats, and other advanced score navigation features. With the NTempo feature, you can tap the speed of a score to the fraction of note level, providing the kind of rhythmic nuance you hear when playing a traditional musical instrument. Notion has been used in numerous touring productions worldwide ranging from hit musicals like Annie and The Wizard of Oz to Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell tour.

User Interface:

  • * Clean, streamlined user interface with great emphasis on clarity, workflow and score readability.
  • * LCD Display with Rehearsal menu, Timecode and tempo.
  • * Performance Display with rehearsals, timecode, measures and performed notated tempo.
  • * Timeline strip with point and click and GoTo measure navigation.
  • * Tooltips.
  • * Score Entry Palette docked and floating neatly organizes and contains all score symbols and expressions allowing you to quickly and easily find anything you want to add.
  • * 24 fret Interactive Guitar Fretboard for Score Entry and Guitar chord/diagram insertion.
  • * New Pro-audio Mixer UI with visual and numerical entry, mixer groups, signal meters and peak indicators.
  • * Master channel meter on the toolbar with peak indication.
  • * Color coded mode dependent playback marker.
  • * Quick start screen on launch.

Score Editing:

  • * Automatic positioning of score elements – never have to worry about aligning hairpins, dynamics, articulations.
  • * Note entry with Mouse, Keyboard and/or MIDI device.
  • * Step Time and Real Time MIDI entry.
  • * MIDI entry on grand staff with split point.
  • * Optimized editing functions – clear, clear special, mass add articulations, duplicate etc.
  • * “Cuts” functionality supported in score and playback.
  • * Customizable Accel and Rit markings.
  • * Partial (“expandable”) measures (add more or less notes than the Time Signature requires).
  • * Pickup measures.
  • * Linked Tab / Notation.
  • * Type-in Tab.
  • * Bends, Holds, Bend-releases customizable and playing back.
  • * Tremolo Bar symbols and Vibrato.
  • * Guitar Diagrams generated for every chord symbol with support for custom tuning and number of strings. All 12 positions per chord, which means you get 12 diagrams per chord instead of one.
  • * Edit and customize guitar diagrams on the fretboard.
  • * Guitar chords transpose with transposition.
  • * Left and Right hand fingerings.
  • * Palm mute, let ring, slap, pull-off, hammer-on and all other guitar techniques from PROGRESSION.
  • * Click and drag beam adjustment.
  • * Custom Beaming.
  • * Custom beaming patterns for Time Signatures.
  • * Short score feature – up to 4 different instruments on a grand staff, with individual dynamic handling.
  • * Alternate noteheads – X, diamond, circles, crossed, etc.
  • * Ghost notes functionality supported in playback.
  • * Breath Comma with customizable playback.
  • * Caesura with customizable playback.
  • * Quickly change note rhythms with a key combo.
  • * Chord library supporting click-in chord symbols with three representation styles: default, minimal and symbol.
  • * Type-in Chord symbols.
  • * Click and drag to position dynamics, notes, beaming, text and other score elements.
  • * Unique to NOTION – Sequencer Staff which records MIDI in sequencer style on a regular staff. Records all MIDI data such as velocity and continuous controllers.
  • * Edit Sequencer Staff notes with arrow keys.
  • * Overdub Sequencer Staff notes and MIDI CC controllers.
  • * Convert to notation from sequencer staff.
  • * Copy / Paste to Ntempo staff.
  • * Crash recovery.
  • * Grace notes, cue notes, tacet notes.
  • * Hide and Reveal score Items.
  • * Dynamics customization.
  • * Enahrmonic Respell.
  • * Type-in Expressions feature.
  • * Flip Stems.
  • * Fill with Rests.
  • * 4 voices per staff.
  • * Add voice 1+2 simultaneously.
  • * Harp Tuning, respected in playback.
  • * Hidden Rests.
  • * 8va/8vb/15ma/15mb marks.
  • * Arpeggio marks.
  • * Harmonics.
  • * Coda, DS al Segno, Segno etc. marks.
  • * Customizable barline groups, bracket groups, brace groups and tempo groups.
  • * Lyrics with multiple verses.
  • * Instrument changes with individual mixer channels.
  • * Custom measure numbers with letters support.
  • * Multi-bar rests.
  • * Quick chord construction.
  • * Switch voices.
  • * Repeats and endings with proper playback and export.
  • * Sfz, sffz and other special articulations and dynamics.
  • * Fingered tremolo.
  • * Guitar Slides.
  • * Portamento.
  • * Easily create tuplets or turn existing notes to tuplets.
  • * Chord summary at top of page.
  • * Drum Library.

Score Layout:

  • * Pages View – Across and Down.
  • * Continuous View.
  • * 3 Different UI Themes – Default, Performance (Dark) and White.
  • * Concert / Transposed view toggle.
  • * Dynamic Parts.
  • * Unique, In-document Score Setup with point and clicking adding, removing an moving staffs.
  • * Score Headers and Footers.
  • * Hide/Show Staffs.
  • * Jazz Font.
  • * Link measures.
  • * Tempo groups, bracket groups, customizable system breaks, measures per system etc.
  • * Voice colors.
  • * “What you see is what you get” printing.

Playback and Compatibility:

  • * Bundled library of over 10GB of orchestral and non-orchestral sounds.
  • * London Symphony Orchestra, Roy Wooten, Victor Wooten, Neil Zaza, and more.
  • * Audio based playback engine without the need of a third party player.
  • * Automatic mapping of samples to score symbols – what you see is what you hear for all instruments with all articulations and techniques.
  • * Up to 4 different and independent audio instruments attached to a grand staff for superior short score playback functionality.
  • * VST and VSTi support.
  • * Bundled VSTi presets for VSL, EWQL, GPO and Miroslav libraries.
  • * Use VSTi preset instruments from multiple libraries, each playing back with unique playback mappings.
  • * Copy and paste between, NOTION and VSTi preset instruments and preserve articulations dynamics and balance.
  • * Bundled Amplitube X-Gear and CSR Hall Reverb from IK Multimedia.
  • * Bundled Drum groove library.
  • * ReWire Host and Slave functionality.
  • * Discrete channel out per mixer channel strip.
  • * Customizable playback rules.
  • * Playback altering of dynamics.
  • * Glissando and Portamento playback with respect to harp tunings.
  • * 4 mappable MIDI out ports.
  • * Pro-Audio mixer with 4 inserts, 4 buses, power pan, solo/mute, signal meters and peak indicators.
  • * Full MIDI recording on a sequencer staff.
  • * Import MIDI into sequencer staffs.
  • * Import an Audio file.
  • * Standard Drum staff mappings playback.
  • * Selecting staffs to quickly solo in playback.
  • * Playback of 1st and 2nd ending with 1st or 2nd only functionality.
  • * Note Audition of entry and selections.
  • * Guitar, Bass and Drums articulations.
  • * Chord symbols playback, respecting rhythm slashes.
  • * Fermatas, caesuras, breath marks, repeats, accel, and any other tempo or score marking is faithfully reflected in playback and fully customizable.
  • * Piano pedals, shortcut slashes, l.v. etc. all playback true to their intent.
  • * Swing playback with adjustable “weight” and individual staff assignments.
  • * Vamps and repeats playback.
  • * Default rules for playback of MIDI and VST instruments not covered in presets.
  • * Velocity Overdub for more natural expressive dynamics.
  • * VST Manager.

Live Performance:

  • * Unique Performance mode giving you full control over the live performance of your piece. Unmatched live performance features unique only to NOTION.
  • * Navigate your score through measures, beats, rehearsal marks and easily move between sections.
  • * Conduct your score directly from your keyboard or MIDI device with customizable MIDI performance commands.
  • * NTEMPO staff for great expressive control – use any tempo subdivision or your own rhythm to precisely control the performance of the score.
  • * Record your performance and save it.
  • * Edit a saved performance session.
  • * Live Play! – play any instrument in the score with your MIDI device during NOTION regular playback or in performance mode. Also respects instrument changes.
  • * Control the dynamics of your score live, through the velocity of your MIDI device.
  • * “Nudge” tempo slower or faster with the arrow keys, during playback.
  • * Jump through cuts, skip repeats in real time while performing your score.
  • * “Auto-pilot ” resume at written tempo or resume at captured tempo feature.
  • * Performance HUD showing performing tempo, written tempo, measure, beat, Timecode and Rehearsal.

Open / Import / Export:

  • * Open NOTION, PROGRESSION, PROTÉGÉ and NOTION Conducting files.
  • * MusicXML.
  • * MIDI.
  • * Audio Wav.

NOTION Music NOTION 3 v3.1.261.0


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