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MAGIX Samplitude 11 — Professional audio processing from recording to mastering. In contrast to other digital audio workstations, Samplitude 11 enables a complete in-the-box workflow, whereby all steps, from composition recording and sound creation using VST instruments to editing, mixing, and mastering the finished CD, take place within a single program. Samplitude is purely native PC software and therefore independent of proprietary audio hardware. Basically, that means the program works just as well on a laptop as on an audio workstation with dozens of inputs and outputs.

MAGIX Samplitude v11.0.2

— 128 tracks, 64 submix busses, 6 aux send busses
— plug-ins per insert: 8
— Elastic Audio Easy
— ASIO, MME und WDM-Support
— solo / monitor poti: PFL, AFL
— K-Metering system
— external hardware integration
— MIDI Editors: score, matrix (piano roll), drum, event list, velocity/controller
— complete realtime editing
— track-, object- and master automation with several automation modes
— MAGIX Vintage Effects Suite
— sample workstation "Independence LE"
— rewire
— audio quantization with transient detection
— Batch Processing
— object-orientated editing
— high class effects set (phase stable mixing- and mastering effects)
— multiband dynamics with "Advanced Mode"
— multiband enhancer with "Maximize"-Function
— advanced dynamics with "Side Chain"-Function
— resampling/timestretching with algorithm "Universal HQ"
— mixer with variable signal flow
— DirectX and VST plugin support with automatic latency compensation
— Pentium 3/4 and Athlon optimizations
— VST-MIDI Out Recording und Audio Out Recording
— MIDI Multi-Object-Editing
— VST instruments support
— overview mode
— side chain routing
— project length up to 168 hours
— external remote controller support (e.g. Mackie control)
— POW-r Dithering
— smart dithering for WAV-files and virtual projects
— realtime room simulator with convolution
— Routing Manager
— mapping modes for hardware controllers
— FreeDB
— CD/DVD mastering
— score export as MusicXML file

File Name: MAGIX.Samplitude.v11.0.2.Incl.Keymaker-CORE
Language: English
OS: Windows® 2000/XP/Vista/7
File Size: 215.8-Mb

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