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Pro Tools 9.0.2 OSX

Pro Tools 9.0.2 OSX Team XVX | 8.93 GB

Description: Pro Tools 9.0.2 OSX Fully Functional no more PT Loader required. no more iLok messages or untimely crashes, you can bounce to disc without errors, sessions can now be launched directly without having to open up Pro Tools in advance, runs lighter on your processors and some plugins may need to be reinstalled if for some reason they don’t work I will keep updated post on any issues that i find and I have just completed and posted a video. if you have any trouble with the 9.0.2 updater all you have to do is download it from Avid, it is also a good idea to manually put your current plugins and setting in a safe place because PT 9.0.2 will delete them, if you have the time also manually delete any Digidesign/Avid files in your Applications folder, as for xcode you will have to manually remove that as well. I have no idea if this will work on a PC converted to run OSX.


  • 01. Uninstall Pro Tools/Uninstall Pro
  • 02. Developer Tools CLI/DeveloperToolsCLI.pkg [22.62MB]
  • 03. Pro Tools 9 Full Installer/Pro_Tools_90_Full_Installer_69565 2.dmg [4.66GB]
  • 04. Complete Production Toolkit 2
  • 05. PTHD/PTHD.dmg [465.81MB]
  • 06. Pro Tools v9.0.2 Updater/Update Pro Tools.mpkg
  • 07. Crack Pro Tools HD 9/Crack ProTools HD 9.0.2.dmg [480.61MB]
  • 08. Read Me.rtf [1.03KB]

Pro Tools 9.0.2 OSX Team XVX

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