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The AC BOX Combo's popular role model revolutionised British pop music. From soft to distorted - this combo has a uniquely inspiring sonic character. The original combo was often used with a tremolo, a treble booster and spring reverb. These features, as well as the 2x12 cabinet and condenser mic setup, have been meticulously emulated and recreate the original sound.
Treble Booster for crunch and distortion sounds.
AC Box Amplifier (emulation of the Vox AC30).
2x12" Brit cabinet and a condenser microphone (emulation of the AC 30 "Blue Bulldog" and the Neumann U87).
Spring Reverb.
Chromatic tuner.
NOTE: The Guitar Combos are included with Audio Kontrol 1 and are no longer available separately.

Native.Instruments.Guitar.Combos.DXi.RTAS.VST.v1.0.0.009.INC.KEYGEN-TALiO.rar (48.5 MB)

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