domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

Audiffex inTone Guitar Pro v1.2.1 HAPPY NEW YEAR-ASSiGN

Audiffex inTone Guitar Pro v1.2.1


  • inTone is a family of real-time effect processors designed primarily for live performance and home practicing. Whether you are guitar, bass, keyboard player or a sound engineer, inTone can offer you everything you need.
    • inTone | Guitar is a highly optimized low latency VST host application shipping with a large set of VST effects.
    • inTone | Guitar opens software effects for live performances at home, on stage or in the studio. A complete set of effects is included, 3rd party plug-ins can be used, too.
    • inTone | Guitar utilizes multichannel audio interfaces and allows flexible assignments of inputs and outputs. It also offers audio file playback and recording.
    • Instruments, MIDI controllers, software instruments and effects, and ReWire applications: It is all connected in one system with inTone | Guitar.
    • One mouse click, one key shortcut, one MIDI controller touch, to switch to another, completely different setup.
    • Quick and easy selection of presets, web sharing of presets, high quality of sound.

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