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Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion v1.0.0b

Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion v1.0.0b

Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion v1.0.0b

Amplifikation Vermilion v1.0.0b | 62 MB

R2R | 11.11.2012 | 62.9 MB
Amplifikation Vermilion is a Guitar Amp Plugin inspired by classic guitar combo amps. It offers gorgeous looks and lots of tonality for serious guitarists who demand a guitar amp plugin with versatility. The engine of this guitar amp plugin is carefully tuned to match the tone of authentic classic amps which truly sing to your playing style.

Key Features :
- 3 Amp Types
- 2 Amp Channels: Clean and Lead
- Built-in FX: Tremolo with BPM sync and Spring Reverb
- 5 types of matching cabinets with 4 microphone types
- Freely adjustable dual-miking con?gurations with mono/stereo configurations just like a real-life guitar recording session
- Built-in Noise Gate and Limiter
- Photorealistic graphics for lifelike guitar playing experience
- Straightforward and easy to use interface
- Support up to 96000Hz Sample Rate

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Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion v1.0.0b

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