domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2012

Dixie Dregs - Atlanta 1982

Dixie Dregs ~ Atlanta 1982
FM radio (FLAC)
Steve Morse & Co. doing their thang!
Hi-tech country tinged rock.
This was the year I discovered them.
I was leaving a record store with an
armful of albums when a brash cover
caught my eye.
It was their 'Industry Standard' LP.
A glance at the credits revealed that
it was produced by Eddie Offord &
featured special guest Steve Howe.
It was an expensive import but
I love Yes so I bought it.
  1. Assembley Line
  2. Take It Off The Top
  3. Twiggs Approved
  4. Where's Dixie
  5. Odyssey
  6. Bloodsucking Leeches
  7. Rock & Roll Park
  8. Nimrods/Ricket's Hornpipes
  9. Chips Ahoy
  10. Vitamin Q
  11. Crank It Up
  12. The Bash
  13. Cruise Control
  14. Punk Sandwich
  15. Pride O' The Farm

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