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JamPlay: Rock Guitar Lessons

JamPlay: Rock Guitar Lessons TUTORiAL
  • JamPlay: Rock Guitar Lessons TUTORiAL

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    From the 1950′s to the present, rock and roll, along with its wide range of sub-genres, has dominated popular music. JamPlay instructor Matt Brown offers a fresh perspective on applying essential guitar techniques to the rock style.

    in this Series:
    Rock Guitar with Brad Henecke – 54 lessons
    Focus: With over 50 lessons and 15 hours of instruction, Brad Henecke brings you the biggest and most comprehensive lesson series at JamPlay. This series begins by reviewing basic concepts, then progressing to advanced rock technique, scale applications, chord progressions and more. You will learn concepts that are essential to rock guitar playing. Brad begins the series by reviewing basic concepts discussed in Phase 1 lessons. From there, he discusses important subject areas such as technique, scales/modes, and chords. Brad frequently applies these subjects to classic rock and roll songs. He also provides you with basic tools that will enable you to write your own rock songs.
    Rock Guitar with Matt Brown – 44 lessons
    Focus: Matt Brown offers up 14 lessons in the realm of rock and roll. This series begins with lesson on proper practicing and scale theory basics, then moves into advanced playing applications such as soloing, improvisation and more. Matt will teach you everything you need to know to play rhythm or lead guitar to your favorite rock songs. By the end of this lesson set, you will be melting faces with vicious improvised solos.
    Rock Guitar with Chris Liepe – 16 lessons
    Focus: Instrumental Rock carries with it many creative aspects both in writing and playing. By the end of this series, Chris will have covered almost everything you will need to know to create and play your very own melodic instrumental rock piece, with emotion! If you like instrumental rock guitar, this series is for you. This series covers three on a string scales, melodic invention, the CAGED system, modes and implementation and Arpeggios. Chris will demonstrate all the things that help you phrase and play with an instrumental rock influence.
    Pop & Classic Rock with Lauren – 24 lessons
    Focus: Using her own songs and recordings as examples, Lauren teaches us that it’s not what you know, but instead how you USE what you know. This series covers tons of great chord voicing ideas, arranging tips, and production techniques as well as general music theory applied to real music! An experienced song-writer and teacher, Lauren uses her own music to demonstrate how to take some things you already know, combine them with new ideas and different perspectives, and begin to create your own music. Drawing from the styles of the Beatles, Pink Floyd and other Pop/Rock greats, she teaches technique and theory in the context of making real music.
  • also includes:
    • * Text files (tablature, sheet music, chord diagrams) – chm, pdf, txt
    • * Guitar Pro (5 & 6) – gp5, mostly second version in gpx
    • * Audio (minus and original tracks) – mp3
    • * pictures – jpg and gif

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