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HeadCase 1.54 x86 VST Synthmaker-iND

HeadCase 1.54 x86 VST Synthmaker-iND

  • HeadCase 1.54 x86 VST Synthmaker

    Team iND | 24 JANUARY 2013 | 54.7 MB

  • Filter Cabs

  • Filter Cabs is our modeled cab sim. It models speakers and enclosures and simulates microphone placement.

  • iFace is an interface and loader for the ever–popular Redwirez Impulse Response library.
 Mimic Cabs
Mimic lets you load in any external Impulse Response files and simulates microphone placement.
With a whole host of awesomeness like custom head building; cabinet, room and mic modeling; a bitchin’ effects rack; moddable stompboxes and awesome tones throughout – Head Case is here and it’s ready to rock your world. Design your dream amp Head Case Builder allows you to take control of your tone like never before. Start with a head template and create the perfect amp for you. Tweak it to your heart’s content With almost unlimited combinations of input, preamp, gain stage, tonestack and poweramp settings; you’ve never had this kind of power before. Export it for action Installing a new head is as simple as drag and drop and heads are exported as image files at the touch of a button; so are portable and easy to share. Share it with others Head Case will always be growing with official and user-created sonic wonders. No stagnation and constant innovation. How awesome is that?

HeadCase 1.54 x86 VST Synthmaker-iND

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