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Imagine you have a tool to express your talent with the best tone ever. Imagine people listening to your guitar tracks and saying "wow! how did you get that killer tone?!" Imagine you have more than 160 models including Randall®, THD® and Brunetti® amplifiers. And that these, for the first time in software form, cannot be distinguished from the real ones. That's Overloud TH2.

Key Features

-Randall®, Brunetti® and THD® authorized modeling, with models approved by original manufacturers
-45 amplifier channels with 125 operating modes
-4th generation analog emulation technology
-3D, gapless positioning of microphones
-Advanced cabinet emulations with ReSPiRe 2 technology
-SLR technology allows morphing between two amplifiers
-Advanced preset management
-Easy to build or modify your own signal path
-Revolutionary GUI, host or MIDI real-time control via Smart Controls


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