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13 ( Deluxe Edition 2CD ) - Black Sabbath

13 ( Deluxe Edition 2CD ) - Black Sabbath

The Masters of Heavy Rock Doom are back!!!
Their new work it sounds exactly as I would have expected: Heavy, Doom and nostalgic!
There are the classic changes of tempo of the good old and glorious years that have characterized their style, from a doom rhythm to a boogie rhythm: this is Black Sabbath!
I have to admit that I was excited when I heard it for the first time, songs like "God Is Dead?", "Zeitgeist", "Damaged Soul" and "Dear Father" moved me so much.
It's a pity Bill Ward has not participated in the creation of this new album (they say that the reason is related to a contractual dispute).
Anyway Brad Wilk (Rage Against The Machine\Audioslave) did a very good drums job ( Rick Rubin suggested Ginger Baker as a replacement for Bill Ward and I think that would have been so amazing and so crazy at the same time! )

Osbourne went on the BBC in England to discuss the band's new single, "God Is Dead?" and the inspiration behind the track. Ozzy explained, "I was in somebody's office and there was a magazine on a table and it just said, 'God Is Dead', and I suddenly thought about 9/11 and all these terrorist things and religion and how many people have died in the name of religion. When you think about the tragedy that's happened throughout time, it just came in my head. You'd think by now that their God would have stopped people dying in the name of, so I just starting thinking that people must be thinking, 'Where is God? God is dead' and it just hit me."

Ozzy added that the question mark at the end of the title is his way of showing that he's not sure about the answer himself, saying, "At the end of the thing, there's still a bit of hope because there I sing that I don't believe that God is dead. It's just a question of when you see so many dreadful people killing each other with bombs, and blowing the tube trains up and the World Trade Center."

Ozzy told an Australian radio station that "13" is "mind-blowing," adding, "It's better than my wildest dreams; it's so good."

Ozzy, Tony & Geezer...A Story That Will Never End ( at least for now)

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