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Guitar Method: In The Style Of Van Halen

In forty-five minutes with Guitar Method: In The Style Of Van Halen, viewers can learn the riffs, tricks and techniques that made Van Halen the hottest guitarist of our time. Learn 50 of the hottest licks Eddie ever recorded... album by album, each is played first at mindblowing normal speed, then at a slow learning speed with extreme close-ups. Topics include: long ascending/descending runs, two-handed tapping, whammy bar technique, pinched, tapped and open harmonics, Van Halen's signature scales and fretboard positions, Van Halen's preferred chordings and key signatures, flash technique (volume swells, toggle scrapes, harmonic rolls) and lightning fast hammer-ons and pull-offs.

Learn riffs from:

"Runnin' With The Devil", "Eruption", "You Really Got Me", "Ain't Talking 'Bout Love", "I'm The One", "On Fire", "Atomic Punk", "Hot For Teacher", "Drop Dead Legs", "Panama", "I'll Wait", "Dance The Night Away", "Beautiful Girls", "Spanish Fly", "Get Up", "Summer Nights", "5150", "Best Of Both Worlds", "Mean Street", "Hang 'Em High", "Unchained", "Little Guitars", "Runaround", "Black 'N' Blue", "Top Of The World", "Everybody Wants Some", "Poundcake", "Source Of Infection", "Cathedral" and many more.


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