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Nicolas Slonimsky--Thesaurus Of Scales And Melodic Patterns

Since its publication in 1947, great musicians and composers of all genres - from Arnold Schoenberg and Virgil Thomson to John Coltrane and Freddie Hubbard - have sworn by this legendary volume and its comprehensive vocabulary of melodic patterns for composition and improvisation.


Tritone Progression
Ditone Progression
Sesquitone Progression
Whole-Tone Progression
Semitone Progression
Quadriton Progression
Sesquiquadritone Progression
Quinquetone Progression
Diatessaron Progession
Septitone Progression
Diapente Progression
Sequiquinquetone Progression
Heptatonic Scales
Heptatonic Arpeggios
Pentatonic Scales
Bitonal Arpeggios
Twelve-Tone Patterns
Crossing Intervals
Division Of Twelve Tones Into Four Mutually Exclusive Triads
Quadritonal Arpeggios
Invertible Dodecaphonic Progressions
Intervallic Series
Mirror Interval Progressions
Complementary ScalesPermutations
Pandiatonic Progressions
Double NotesPlural Scales And Arpeggios
Polytonal Scales
Polyrhythmic Scales
Polytonal Polyrhythmic Scales
Palindromic Canons
Autochordal Harmonization
Harmonization In Major Triads And Seventh-Chords
Synopsis Of Chords

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