sábado, 13 de fevereiro de 2010

db audioware Flying Haggis VST

The flying haggis is a rare Scottish creature which brings great happiness to those lucky enough to encounter it, and is the inspiration for our new virtual guitar amp. No, really.

Flying Haggis is a great sounding, expressive amp with a highly usable, no-nonsense design and a character all of its own. Rather than follow the current trend of analysing and simulating existing hardware, we have designed this amp the old fashioned way - using our ears.

There are NO sound clips here. You wouldn't go into your local music shop and ask to listen to recordings of their amps - you'd pick up a guitar, plug in and start strumming. So go ahead - download the Flying Haggis demo, plug in your guitar, and get playing. Then you can truly appreciate what a responsive little amp this is.

+ traditionally designed amp with its own unique sound
+ all-round performer, excels at clean and subtle tones
+ ultra low latency for responsive live playing
+ irresistible user interface
+ flexible preset management in standalone player and plug-ins
+ optimised for live performances
+ full MIDI control, with easy to use MIDI Learn
+ plug-ins for PC Windows (VST) and Mac OS X (VST, Audio Units)
+ standalone player for PC and Mac (Universal Binary)

MIDI Control
If you prefer to control your audio software with hardware knobs or sliders, Flying Haggis can make you happy there too. Thanks to db audioware's easy-to-use MIDI Learn feature, it's simple to map any on-screen control to your favourite external MIDI control surface.

And if live performing is your thing, just hook up a MIDI pedalboard to remotely switch banks & presets, or tweak settings in realtime.

Totally Believable
For any skeptics who doubt the existence of flying haggis - we offer absolute proof in the form of a high resolution photo of the litle guy, snapped as he soared above Dave's keyboard one misty morning. A copy of the snapshot is taped to the amp for your viewing pleasure.
We rest our case.





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