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MAGIX Samplitude 11 Producer with Content Packs

Ideal compact integrated solution for music production on the PC, providing a full set of professional tools necessary for both solo and studio projects.
The German company MAGIX AG, founded in 1993, is now a leader in affordable multi-media software, including recording and processing of audio, video and photo material.
MAGIX AG offers a wide range of software products for home and professional use.

Audioyadro program though and records audio data in accordance with the title, that is, with a sampling frequency of 96 kHz and bit depth to 24 bit (with 24-bit material presented in 32-bit floating point), but can work with files at sampling rate up 192 kHz and bit depth to 32 bits.
Due to its excellent digital processing algorithms using serial floating point calculations, and absolute phase stability, Samplitude can get amazingly transparent sound material, even after intensive editing and effects processing. In addition, optimization of the code of individual effects for real-time processor Pentium III / IV can significantly increase system performance.

As is known, MAGIX Samplitude Producer works with the data somewhat differently than do many other similar programs. "Own Way", on the one hand, allows for greater productivity, but on the other - complicates the process of development.
It is, however, be noted: the developers have done everything possible to program interface was the most transparent.

Top of the best features MAGIX Samplitude Producer:

- Direct multi-track recordings
- First-class virtual instruments
- High-quality studio effects
- Professional mixing console
- Synchronous audio & MIDI editing
- Mastering suite for perfect sound
- Retroactive pitch correction
- Burn audio CDs (RedBook)
- Publish online directly
- Supports VST, ASIO, ReWire, DirectX

New features in MAGIX Samplitude 1911 Producer:

- Vandal SE: Guitar amplifier
- essential FX: smart effects series
- Harmony agent: Displays chords
- Improved program interface
- Drum collection: with 200 drum sounds
- Better overview: Color tracks & objects

A set of tools included in the Content Pack 01:

- Atmos
- Beatbox 2
- Drum & Bass Machine
- LiViD - Little Virtual Drummer
- Rock alternative Vol. 2 (Soundpool)
- Soul 60's (Soundpool)
- Drumloop collection No. 1 (Soundpool)
- Tutorial videos
- Demo project
- Accompanying samples for auto jam sessions

A set of tools included in the Vita Content Pack 01:

- Acoustic drum Kit & percussion
- Acoustic guitar
- Acoustic percussion
- Acoustic piano
- Orchestral brass
- Orchestral strings
- Orchestral woodwinds

A set of tools included in the Vita Content Pack 02:

- Electric bass
- Electric guitar
- Electric piano
- Power chords
- Soundtrack percussion
- Vita demo project

System requirements

For Microsoft® Windows® XP™ | Vista™ | 7™

Minimum configuration:

Processor: Intel ® Pentium ® or AMD ® Athlon ® 1.2 GHz and up
RAM: 512 MB (1 GB recommended)
Hard drive space: 3 GB free
Graphics card: Resolution 1024 x 768
Sound playback: Full duplex 16-bit sound card or ASIO-enabled sound card (recommended)
DVD drive

Download 2 Parts


Download c part1
Download c part2
Download c part3
Download c part4
Download c part5
Download c part6
Download c part7
Download c part8
Download c part9
Download c part10

3 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

Olá profesor! gostou deste software? é recomendável? infelizmente estão hospedados em provedores lentos, será que há um outro "mirror"?

PV disse...

Olá R. Guitar.

Usei muito pouco. Não dá prá fazer uma critica justa.
Eu tenho usado o Reaper, que é muito legal, não é pesado e é fácil de usar com suporte aos vst´s que a gente precisa.

Graham disse...

Recently got into the whole music producing scene and picked up a couple of awesome Producer Packs via DMS. Enjoyed reading your post. I'm looking to add to my library and I'll check out a few of the links you have posted.