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e-books guitar tablature PDF

Alguns books achados na net:

e-books guitar tablature

I have here the best e-books for guitar players...Some of them have an audio cd inside.Also this is some of the e-books in the rar you will find much more

1.Dream Theater - Awake (Songbook)

2.Eric Clapton - Best of (Signature Licks series) (Guitar Songbook)

3.Frank Gambale - Speed Picking

4.Joe Satriani - Guitar Secrets

5.Led Zeppelin - Blues Classics, Guitar tablature songbook

6.Metallica - Master Of Puppets (Songbook)

7.Nirvana - Bleach (Songbook)

8.Offspring - Americana (Songbook)

9.Yngwie Malmsteen - Guitar Instructional Book (With Audio)

10.Vinnie Moore - Meltdown (Guitar Songbook)

.......and much more pass

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