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Led Zeppelin: Days Confused. Memorial Auditorium, Dallas TX, USA - March 05, 1975

Led Zeppelin: Days Confused. Memorial Auditorium, Dallas TX, USA - March 05, 1975. (Sextuple CD :: Ex Soundboard + Audience :: Mp3 @ & FLAC)

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Led Zeppelin: Days Confused. (Empress Valley :: EVSD 458/459/460 & SBD-7/8/9)
Recorded Live at Memorial Auditorium, Dallas TX, USA - March 05, 1975.
Excellent Soundboard + Audience Recordings :: Silver CDs :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.
Disc 1
101. Introduction
102. Rock And Roll
103. Sick Again
104. Over The Hills And Far Away
105. In My Time Of Dying
106. The Song Remains The Same
107. The Rain Song
108. Kashmir
Disc 2
201. No Quarter
202. Trampled Underfoot
203. Moby Dick
Disc 3
301. Dazed And Confused
302. Stairway To Heaven
303. Whole Lotta Love
304. The Crunge
305. Black Dog
:: Bonus audience recording ::
Disc 4
401. Introduction
402. Rock And Roll
403. Sick Again
404. Over The Hills And Far Away
405. In My Time Of Dying
406. The Song Remains The Same
407. The Rain Song
408. Kashmir
Disc 5
501. No Quarter
502. Trampled Underfoot
503. Moby Dick
Disc 6
601. Dazed And Confused
602. Stairway To Heaven
603. Whole Lotta Love / The Crunge
604. Black Dog

Files: 31.:: Size: 840.09 MB (mp3) | 2.23 GB (flac).
Total Time: 06:07:18 hour/s.
*** Led Zeppelin North American Tour 1975 ***
Personnel: Jimmy Page :: John Paul Jones :: Robert Plant :: John Bonham.
Notes: Days Confused is the latest Empress Valley release from their stash of 1975 soundboards. The band booked five shows in Texas at the beginning of the second half of their tour beginning on February 27th in Houston. The others include March 3rd in Fort Worth, the two in Dallas and finally March 7th in Austin. The two Dallas dates were always said to have occurred on March 4th and March 5th based upon ticket stubs and newspaper evidence. With the 2003 release of the first night’s soundboard on Chasing The Dragon came the claim that the shows were actually moved back a day so according to Empress Valley the proper dates are March 5th and March 6th, so the second night in Dallas on Days Confused is labeled March 6th instead of March 5th.
In the intervening years there has been nothing to confirm the memories of Empress Valley’s commentator and the physical evidence points to the original assumptions about the date being correct. Until something else surfaces that can corroborate their story we can assume that this recording is the second show in Dallas on March 5th. All of the soundboards released so far by Empress Valley from this era have been remarkable for their balance, clarity and detail and this one is similar to the others
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