quinta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2012

Elements Clean Chorus v2.0

  • Elements Clean Chorus v2.0

    R2R | Sept 07 2012 | 6 MB

    Rich and versatile chorus device with extended, yet simple, interface to bring up more “under the hood” parameters to user’s control. Wide palette of sounds, from brilliant basic chorusing/flanging, to multi-textured -almost Leslie- effect. Nice pack of presets for quick demonstration and tryout.

    • Double precision internal processing, full 64bit input to output
    • Stereo width control
    • Unique negative/positive feedback configuration
    • Several working modes, versatile tempo-synchronization
    • Several bundled presets for start
    • Demo Version fully functional with occasional short interrupts.
    • Download link on “Plugins” page.

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