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Virtuasonic Mijoy Pro 4 VSTi 4.5-R2R

Virtuasonic Mijoy Pro 4 VSTi 4.5-R2R

 Virtuasonic Mijoy Pro 4 VSTi 4.5
R2R | 11.9.2012 | 8.84 MB
  • MIJOY PRO is a VSTi MIDI plug-in that allows you to use a joystick or gamepad as a MIDI controller. It can be used to control other VSTi instruments, FX plug-ins and even MIDI hardware in real-time. Nowadays synthesizers, samplers and effects offer an incredible range of possibilities. So much power and flexibility also means many parameters to be managed. Programming the automation by hand is a possible approach to this issue, but certainly more suitable for refining a track than for creating it from scratch. MIJOY PRO is a premium application designed to let you control virtual instruments, hardware synthesizers, samplers and effects processors in a more friendly and effective way, as well as opening up new possibilities of approaching them. It can be used alone, but it’s also a perfect complement to a masterkeyboard or other MIDI controllers. For instance, it can be configured for key-switching, as well as for controlling filters and other parameters.

    MIJOY PRO 4 represents a step forward in the way joystick axis data is handled. This version introduces some key features that greatly improve the flexibility of the plug-in:
    • – eight slots assignable to every joystick axis of your choice between X, Y, Z, Slider1, Slider 2, Z-rotation and their inversions.
    • – now the same axis can be assigned to more than one MIDI command at the same with independent MIDI settings (Ch, min/max, etc.).
    • – axis inversion.
    • – new axis display with four switchable pointers, one for each couple of axes.
    • – improved MIDI monitor.
    • – new navigation menu with buttons.
    • * Support for multiple joysticks/gamepads (up to 8)
    • * up to 16 buttons and 2 direction pads
    • * reads data from X, Y, Z, Slider1, Slider 2, Z-rotation axes
    • * axis inversion
    • * 8 slots assignable to every joystick axis of your choice between the above-mentioned axes and their inversions
    • * General On/Off and independent switch for each axis slot
    • * 2 axis types (cartesian, radial)
    • * Offset function with assignable minimum and maximum value for each MIDI controller
    • * Two Output Modes (Sequencer/MIDI Port)
    • * Trigger function
    • * Calibration settings (Smoothness and Center deadzone for X/Y axes)
    • * MIDI Thru (to mix different MIDI sources. For example, MIJOY PRO + Masterkeyboard.)
    • * Binary MIDI controller with assignable min/max (button 1 to 16 and direction pads)
    • * 2 Button Modes (Press/Release, Switch)
    • * List of standard MIDI controllers values included in the software package
    • * MIDI messages assignable to X, Y, Z , Slider1, Slider 2 and Z-rotation: Control Change, Pitch Bend (7 bit), Program Change, Channel After Touch MIDI
    • * messages and functions assignable independently to every joystick buttons and direction pads position: Control Change, MIDI Note, Pitch Bend, Program Change, Channel After Touch, idle (button1), Trigger
    • * Independent MIDI Channel Setup for every axis slot, button and direction pads position
    Requirements: Soundcard, Joystick, Windows VST Host able to recognize joystick information.
    NO need of joystick to MIDI cable adapters.
    MIJOY PRO 4 works with USB or older joysticks.

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