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70s Tape Rebound Echo VST

70s Tape Rebound Echo VST

70s Tape Rebound Echo VST

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 17 April 2013 | 17 MB

This new VST Plugin fills the gap between too simple and too complicated delays/echos. Using crystal clear sound, this effect unit offers all of the most needed echo/delay studio effects in one box including doubling, delays, echos, left-right and right-left echos plus tape streaming effects with sound reinjection. Includes a 64 presets factory bank and a comprehensive user manual. Full MIDI automation via MIDI controllers. Have analysed different delay/echo effects on the market and their opinion is that the units are sometimes too simple or too complicated for everyday studio usage. So they have developed their own unit following their ideas.

They designed a very stable circuit with crystal clear sound. To enhance audio quality, they have integrated audio clipping protectors, an special audio smoother algorithm together with an enhanced pre-panning algorithm.


    • • Two independent delay/echo lines with delay time, feedback and effect mixer
    • • Switch between delay time in milliseconds or delay time in note lenght (Midi Clock Sync) for both channels independently
    • • FX can be switched to on/off for both channels independently
    • - Audio reinjection control to reinject a certain audio amount into the effect circuits, for both channels independently.
    • • Special audio selectors: You can use normal stereo in, or can use the left channel on the right, or the right channel on the left or botch channels side-inverted
    • • Through these controls you can, for example, use the left channel (dry) and use the left channel signal also on the right channel (almost or fully wet).
    • • By these means you can recreate tape flow echos very easily in seconds without using several plugins in conjunction
    • • All surface controls can be midi automated via midi controllers (MIDI controller chart included in the manual)
    • • Includes a 64 presets factory bank and a comprehensive user manual.

Please listen to the extensive six minute audio demo or download the free sample pack containing rhodes piano sounds, both dry and effected thru this effect unit.

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